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Episode 81 · 2 years ago

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Yohn Voker is a sports broadcaster with a goal. Yohn is a recent graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism. Even though he was diagnosed with autism at the age of four, nothing is getting in the way of striving for his dream.

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"I'm open to any projects for TV, Radio, and Sports.

Working knowledge of editing skills of software like Adobe Premiere, Audition, Photoshop and PowerDirector.

Skilled in Play-By-Play, Writing, Editing, Creating and Producing Content, Voiceovers, Interviewing and Show Preps

Experienced in Broadcast Media Arts, hands on in TV, Audio Boards and Radio." (LinkedIn, 2020)

...welcome to why we work with your host Brian V. As he speaks to people like you from all over the world as we together dive deeper into our motivations, struggles, joys, seemingly missteps, hopes, warnings and advice which would be an encouragement to us all to get up. Get going on, keep on working. Working is tough, but working is good. Now here's your host to why we work. Brian V. I'm Brian V, and this is why we work today. I have the great pleasure of speaking with you on Volcker. Yuan Volker is what I believe. A recent grad on aspiring play by play sports announcer. So I think he has a bright future ahead of him. And I want to find out what that looks like for him. What are his goals? What are his aspirations? Especially coming off the heels of Cove it and how the sports industry has changed. So join me in this conversation with yawn. Voelker. I'm Brian V, and this is why we work today. I have the great pleasure speaking with you on Volcker. Good. We morning, young man. Were you born in Brian? Man, you this message me and You're like I'm ready. Well, you don't say I'm ready. Just we knew you were ready, and then it's 5. 30 in the morning. Yeah, I know. I mean, it's morning up there. So what? I mean, I got 78 o'clock at night here. What got you up this morning at I mean, Europe before you and I were started messaging, but at five o'clock or four o'clock, whatever you got up, what got you up? Uh, you know, just relaxing myself. You know, it's all that matters there, but hopefully go ahead. Hopefully, Yeah. Hopefully, um, sleep well. Hasn't caught up to me yet, but hopefully, Yeah, hopefully I'm ready to go. You're You're up early for the New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve for you, right? I'm This is my thing. This is my New Year's Eve evening, so I'm glad, and I'm happy to be spending it with you. You're likely my very last interview of 2020 making it episode 81. So I'm glad you're gonna I mean, we were going to do it tomorrow, so I never even thought it was gonna be my last. But you are definitely gonna be my last and I appreciate you coming on. John, can you give us a little idea who you are? Just a snapshot of who you are, What you're doing now. Besides getting up early in the morning? Yeah. Okay. So my name is John Bowker. I am currently live in Detroit, Michigan. I am a, you know, aspiring sports broadcaster. Flash play by play announcer. And hopefully I do like some voice over there. I am a recent graduate at a media art schools called Specs. Howard and I Yeah, that's it. Well, John, I read some of this in your bio on Lincoln, and anyone who hasn't made the resume or checked out linked, and I strongly encourage people to do so. And I believe I reached out to you because I was looking for people in different industries. I could see that you're open toe work. You're willing Thio to do what it takes to get to your goal, which I believe, as you just mentioned, is getting into sports announcing sports commentary. But yawn. What was your first job? I mean, if you just graduated, you're probably not too far away from your teens, but I could be wrong. What was your What was your very first job? Maybe As maybe even before your teams. Okay, well, my very first job was at a was a industry associate at with International. Well, uh, like do like all the counting of the items. Like goes doors, we go shopping malls and all the other things there in between. So how old were you on? Sorry, because I know I saw that, actually, on your linked in things. So that was just five years ago, actually, six years ago. So how old? How old were you at the time? So I was, like, probably 18. Okay, that was your That was your first job at 18. And you're getting up at 5. 30 in the morning. That was your first job? Yeah. It happens, like a few times there. Yeah. Okay. And why did you get that job going around from place to place and doing inventory? Why? Why did you decide to get that at 18? Well, you know, I want to, like, get experience, you know, just to get the...

...beginning, it of it. Because, you know, my parents want me till I have a job. Um, but I don't know where to start. So I try like apply. You know, like I applies like some of the jobs there. But daylight rejected me. And then I know the one place that came into my mind. So like I went to indeed. Yeah. Trying to get s Oh, sorry for people. People that are not familiar indeed dot com to find a job. You went on that website looking for? Yes. Yes, definitely. And I was applying Thio with international and I got an interview there and apply for a job. And then that's how I started off. Did you find that job through? Indeed, Yes. Well, that's that's That's pretty good. It speaks highly because I guess I'm a little bit older, maybe much older, and I'm I'm still with the old way of going to the business is knocking on the doors, calling the places. So I'm encouraged to see that you can go on these websites and find a position. I'm not saying that I found all my jobs by knocking on the door, but it's nice to know that places like indeed, uh, there's some fruit if you're you're willing to pay, put in the effort. So at this time, 18. Were you in high school, then? Are starting college by then? Well, why I started college. What? Why did you so knowing that you went to a few different colleges? You went to Henry Ford, Wayne County as well. But all of the ones, including the one you just mentioned. Specs, Howard. All of the ones you did like communications, right? Or media. So where did this desire come from? From you. So it must have been before 18. If you're you know, you're already starting colleges. You already picked it, and you had a, you know, go through the whole process of picking out what you wanted to take. When did that desire start for you? Well, my desire started when I was in light the fifth grade. And you know, I all I always dream about being a weatherman like I dream of, you know, listening to out like watching our broker on the Today show. And I always wanted to, like, make sure what the weather is all about. How is it going to predict and so on from there from my fifth grade class? Like usually after the morning announcements my teacher. Yeah, my teacher, um you know, introduced me to come there. Wait a minute. And I've been doing it for, like, the whole school year. And then that's it. It's funny how little things like that kind of maybe fuel our interests, right? Like with teachers or someone in the family giving you just a little extra thing. Because you think now, now that you graduated from college Oh, doing the weather in grade five is not that huge of a responsibility. But for a kid, when you're in grade five, you're like, Oh, this is like, the greatest thing. So it's it's we need thio. Kudos to teachers who kind of sparked that interest or at least fuel those fires and passions that air going on through students. So how did that manifest from being the weatherman in grade five to really thinking about getting into mass communication or in media? Yeah. So when I was in high school, like about to start off my junior year, um, we moved thio Detroit. And you know, there was a school program called Go lightly. And they have, like, all kinds off, you know, interesting classes that you want to take eso. The first thing that came into my mind was mass communication because, you know, I always wanted, like, dream being on TV and radio, doing the news and all the other kinds of things their sports and everything else. And then from then on, I we always like, you know, like, before we do like the news. We gotta like playing out. What's our stories is about. And the thing is, is that we got to be prepared and that's all it texts. Yeah, it all it takes thio, uh, get in the moment for everything else goes to play. So those sorts of things kind of continued to fuel your desire to take communications, our media and in sports. So when did your sports desire start?...

Were you in sports as well? Or was it just your fan of sports? And then that's why you need mawr towards being a play by play announcer. How did that come about? Yeah, So I started playing soccer when I was like, I first started playing soccer India high school level in like t j B or yeah, like junior varsity level eso I started playing soccer in high school. I was a goalkeeper back then, like a second string goalkeeper, but I did very well in goalkeeping there. I did for like, two years, and then when we moved to Detroit, I kind of realized what was my mind. It's about. But before then, you know I started, you know, like watching some soccer matches when I was like, 10 years old, like watching some major league doctor and Premier League matches there. And then that soccer got bigger and bigger. I watched like so many leagues, so many tournaments there, like either in international or in club level. So as I like, watch your soccer matches. I know how the commentators there's talk about. They talk about either the teams. The tactics are what's going on with the players there and so on and forth. So as you're in college and what is the reason for going to three different colleges? What is is that like a building processes that just you happen to move you? This is what you planned out. Were they just different programs? What was the reasoning behind that? Yeah, So I first went Thio Henry, four, in August of 2014 and and I've been taking light. So communication classes and And it was It was so good for me. And but things hasn't, like, gone well there. So I moved to the next school, which is Henry Ford, which is definitely based in Detroit on. And I started going there. I took some classes. They're also in communication classes. It was very good from the story in the Wayne County as well. Yes, yes, definitely. Yeah. And then I stopped going do that school, like probably in 20 18 27 2018. And then I realized, in my mind thing doesn't work out for me. What should I do now? So back in July, flashed year, I took an opportunity to go lie for specs, Howard, which is which I believe is the best broadcasting school in Southeast Michigan. And I didn't start until October. Then it's like a 12 month program. Okay. Where, of course you can your take here broadcast me or are scrapping design or all the other think there. So I took, uh, broadcast media Arts and mhm. Yeah, I took broadcast media arts and what we do in broadcast media arts like do like them on their stuff stuff, either in TV or radio, and you can do like voice over is there as well. So my desire of doing media it's like becoming a play by play announcer. So at that time, I, uh, like out of spec Tower, I try to do my practicing my play by play for soccer, and I do that like like searching like the games, like the past games there on YouTube, trying to record myself, try and get some reps in there. Four graduation and then here on out, I realized this is exactly what I wanted to do. Yeah, so from then on, not on Lee. I practice like play by play it. But I also do like some voiceover, some radio work doing some on camera work. They're doing some reporting and everything else. And then by the time I graduate, I realized like this was the best broadcasting school that I ever experienced. Good. And it's good that you went through a couple of them so you could weigh the differences in the value that you could get out of...

...them. So when you graduated, when did you in 2020 What month was that October. Oh, just congratulations. Your e wet behind the ears. Right. You're frustrated. The gate. So were you looking at jobs prior to graduation? And what have you been doing for the couple of months now? Since graduating. Yeah. So far I, you know, trying to get into jobs. They were trying. Thio sent out some some of my demo work. And, of course, my resume there. And, you know, before then, you know, we did like some resume work. Been like some opportunity, some pricing, some interviews there. So hopefully things are going well for me right now. Um, currently, I'm still, like, getting an opportunity to, like, no fly for jobs, you know? Not only as a so you work you on. Are you working now? Uh, not right now. You're not working right now, so I'll split it up because I think this is a wonderful conversation. So at the moment, you're you're not working, But you're also looking for work. Correct? You're one of the You know, I've interviewed a few younger people. You're not that young. I don't think, but I think you're in a good position. In between finishing graduation and getting into your career, so I think it's a really interesting, um, kind of dilemma you got right. You're You got all the education now you just got to get the job. So what is what is the reasoning? Why you don't have a job at the moment, like any job. Or do you have a specific plan about that? Yeah. Like like I, like, made a plan toe, like, hopefully get a job by the new year, which, of course, is tomorrow. But, you know, I just want to, like, get a job in the sports industry, and hopefully everything will turn out very well. So was your plan. Sorry. It was your plan to get a job in the sports industry by the new year. Or to get a job? Yeah, Kind of. Kind of a little bit. Kind of like both, Actually, to be honest, you do You know what I'm challenging you on? Yeah, right. Because there's always the idea of I come across people all over the place that air looking for the job of their industry versus looking for a job, right? And some people say, Well, I can't get a job because I can't get a job in my industry. But I would say that you could probably get a job until you get a job in the industry. There's a slight difference in ver bage, but it's a huge difference in practicality. What do you think about that? Yeah, I think I think for me, you know, is to get a job. Definitely in the new year. Any job, any job, any job. Like what? Tell me on what are you willing to do to work to get a job? What are you willing to dio? Just be yourself? You know, e I mean, what what type of job? I'm gonna hold your job. No, listen, TV job, man, you're shooting for the stars right off the bat. You like, I'm stepping up to the plate, going for a home run. It's good, but I'm wondering what kind of job you're willing to get, Like a like an entry level job. In where, like in sports broadcasting? Yeah. I'm going to challenge you. Say no, you should be. This is be willing to get a job anywhere, doing anywhere thing, right? The first thing it always comes to McDonald's, right? Something I mean, even call back the the mover company that you worked at, or the inventory associates that you worked at just toe have something to keep you active in the thing and you don't have to put your you put your mind in it. But at the same time, you're aspiring to something else because I have come across a lot of people, a lot of people and not doing this show. But just in life, people who are not working because they're looking for that perfect job, well, the perfect job is a job now your career or the thing that you have a passionate about, that you can work at along the way or strive to...

...do that. Because if I'm hiring people and I'm looking for someone, I'm not gonna the so quick to hire the guy who's waiting at home for several months until he finds that perfect job. I want the guy who's willing toe clean toilets and mop floors and pick up garbage and do those types of jobs because then you get that job. Then even those skills, that willingness to do something like that can transfer over into, and it doesn't mean you're not applying for those types of jobs in television or something. But if you're willing to do janitorial work, for example of which I did for three or four years or maybe five years or something in a particular industry and then many other years doing it elsewhere, like housekeeping or bussing tables or cleaning cars or any of those sorts of things and then at the same time you're willing to apply to this other thing, they're like, Oh, this guy's willing toe work because that's what they want Because most times you I'm willing to get a job in TV. Well, of course you are, like, of course, you're willing to do that. But are you willing to do the the other work, the needy, gritty stuff, to show that you know that your work ethic and don't get me wrong at what you're 25 maybe 24 23 4. And at 24 I didn't think that this way that I'm saying I did in in some sense, but I didn't I didn't think about a career, so you got a leg up on me like you're geared towards doing something I didn't have that I worked because I felt I wanted money or I needed money. But looking back, it's easier to say that get the job and then continue working, right? I mean, I would even say, Why were you not working during your last two years of university? Right at the same time. But maybe you have family that they're willing and love spending money on you and giving you all that. Maybe you have that. I didn't have that right s o. I would question that because even those you know what looks great on a resume. A kid going to college, and he's working part time, full time on the side, just to, you know, help out or pay the bills or save up. Or, you know, one of those things. Yeah. So that's the one side of it. I said, the dilemma. That economy, the one side is Why are you not working now? And I'm not saying why are you not working now? I'm saying why you're not working now. And I would challenge 2021. Is Thio really just go get a job? You found one on Indeed, before you can probably find a job on linked in or something. You can probably walk around your area and Detroit and just find some part time, full time position that at least just get you somewhere. And then what does your looking look like? And I ask this not against you, but for listeners, right? Like Okay, I'm in school. What should I be doing? Well, you might wanna be working, right, or you're done school, and you're looking for a job. Well, you might want to be doing some other work until you get that job. But also, what does your look look like? As you're looking for a job? What does that look like for you? Mm. That's a good question. Yeah, right. And it's not. It's not Thio, you know, to reveal anything about you, but it's just to reveal sometimes in ourselves the way that we could just be doing it differently so that we do become successful so that we do get the job that we want to get and to encourage other people to do the same. It's not to reveal. I could just like I said, I was an idiot at 24. So this is really not against you at all. I'm an idiot now, so but just the idea is it's not against you. But I think your story is interesting. While we can challenge you, we can also encourage other people toe. Look at the different ways they're going about finding work. So how are you finding work? What does that look like in your job search? Because I I often say one to myself. But to other people is if you don't have a job, you actually do have a job. Do you know what your full time job is? I know you know the answer. What's your full time job? My full time job. Yeah, Right now you have a full time job. It's not on your resume. And you may not think of it because it doesn't pay anything monetarily. But what is your full time job? Well, construction worker finding a job buying the job? Yes. That's your full time job, right? Your full time job is to find a job. And if that looks like going to wherever, I'm not sure. In the States with Staples in Canada, whatever you go print off 100 resumes and you're up at 5. 30 in the morning, right? I don't know what...

...you're doing up at 5. 30 but if you're getting ready to start your day at eight o'clock at 8. 30 when businesses start, you start walking. If you have a car, you start driving and you don't get a bus and go to different places with your resume in hand. Shaking hands. I saw your portfolio actually was right here on the the beginning. You have a nice suit. Go. I mean, you don't have to wear a suit for all places, but going and e don't know if you live with your mom or whatever, but someone asked you, Where you going? I'm going to find a job, right? And if you don't find one today, you wake up tomorrow and you do the same thing is a little different. Now it's of the holidays, right, places, places. But it's that's that's how we do it. And then that experience is you know, you'll never look back and say, Well, that was time on, you know, a waste of time. It won't be a waste of time, right? I mean, it will feel like, especially when you get rejected, but you know everyone that does anything gets rejected so many times, right? Think of people who do sales, right? They have it down to a science. They know they're gonna ask people. You've done things like that in asking 100 people to buy this product, and they know that 90 of them if not 99 of them are going to say no. But they know that one person will say yes. So the same thing with finding a job, your full time job, Yon is get a job. So how has it looks so far? How is it looks so far s so far? It's been in going well so far recently. I like, you know, sent out my resume too. Like some of the people, all that I really know within the sports industry. So hopefully they haven't, like, responded may yet, but hopefully they will soon. So are you practicing as well is? I mean, you mentioned making a demo tape and all of that Is there some sort of practice? You know, you're watching a lot of sports staying up to date with players. Is that some part of it? Is it just watching the game and getting used to it and listening. You mentioned that that's what you dio but also just just really getting really involved in it. Or is it not quite getting traction because you're not in that job yet? Yeah, yeah, it's kind of like that, you know, just keeping up to date with all the sports. And hopefully, once a game comes like before the game comes, I'll put in all right down the line ups and the stats and everything else goes to plan in. Well, some people, I mean a good way for you to do practice. And it puts a little pressure on you, right? And it keeps you accountable is by, you know, starting, um, like a twitch twitch channel, or just like a like a little podcast or something where you're going through play by play. And it's just you're putting yourself out there because there's that added pressure of putting yourself. I mean, you know it. You took mass communications and you had to do some of this type of stuff for homework that if you do this, it's it's not like just sitting, you know, in your living room or in your room just kind of going through it with with no accountability. But by recording yourself and actually putting yourself out there and kind of revealing yourself and your abilities and talents and kind of getting feedback, that would be one way I will also, I know I interviewed someone. I think it was an episode 20 something. Uh, Christian Marino. He is a Spanish play by play sports commentator who I think is actually pretty popular and famous in the Spanish world, Spanish speaking world. And he does like MBA and all of these sorts of things. So what I will do and he's a great guy. A very nice guy is I will connect you with him and then you can talk to him about, you know, just he was more than willing to offer information and then you never know at what he might know about entry level, any sorts of things or just tips, right? I'm not promising you anything but just the idea of a connection that that's why I find things like linked in. I believe that, Yeah, that is where I found him. Looking for people is just search right and just say I'm in on another note, I saw someone say, Don't use aspiring. You're not in aspiring sports broadcaster, your sports broadcaster, right? You're working on your skills, right? You're working on that. And so to take away the aspiring part and it's just you're working in that and that is your goal. Speaking of goals, yon in terms of covert 19 with with sports,...

I guess the fans not allowed being into the stadiums. Do you see a change in the landscape of sports in the future? And with that, what would your goal be? Well, the first part is hopefully fans will come back pretty soon, but not sure when. Um not sure if you know 2021 is gonna be, like, back to normal or not. But it's gonna take some process A swell, um, for my goals is to, you know, try to be myself in these sports broadcasting industry and hopefully make every connection that you ever had, and with someone and definitely try toe work your trying to like work my reps it, um you know, even though that I'm still like trying to, like, get a job in the sports broadcasting industry, getting a job um got put in a lot of effort there and that takes hard work and sacrifice For what? You know, everyone thio achievement because, you know, once you get a job, it zahn everybody's own. Is there Is there a sportscaster that you look to nowadays that is kind of like a guiding light aspiring hope that you would like to be or you like to have that same sort of influence or ability? Well, yes. Um, in the sports broadcasting world, I always look up Thio Kevin Harlan Jim Nance, um, Joe Bach and and, you know, and everyone that I know. But in the soccer business, I always look up Thio Like some of the best commentators, They're not Onley in American soccer Basel in English, soccer there. But I always look up Thio jp Della Camera John Strong, um, Arlo White and also John Champion Um, these guys that I inspire with death by, you know, my life, listening to them by watching the game I always, like, inspire him to, like so much, ever like they put in, like, so much passion all throughout the years when calling soccer mak e mean, this is exactly what I want to achieve it, trying to become, you know, the play by play announcer for soccer. And like I said, I just gotta be myself at any time there. Do you think? And this is just a pure question because I'm not sure. Do you think it's Mawr advantageous Mawr wise? Better, um, market marketability on yourself to be focusing on soccer or just sports in general. So to keep yourself open to any sports versus focusing solely on soccer at the moment, I always think about like doing sports in general. Um, um, you know, like, if I do like TV, that's the case there. But if I do like something on radio, I got, like, painting the picture off, what they're listening to or what they're seeing. So even though you're you're young and you're work journey, is there a skill that you find that is eluding you? There's there's one just out of your grasp that you would like to home. There's a skill that you know that you're going to need or do you have a skill that is pretty good right now that other people would look to work on themselves a skill or a talent still are sour. Um, the only thing that I could think of right now and actually thinking of all those people you just mentioned do they have, like, uh, somewhat of, Ah, a consistent skill that they all seem tohave that you would like to have yourself. Um, I gotta have a perfect voice as well. Yeah, Yeah, it's tough, right? How do you feel about your own voice? I mean, that that is a question. That is what everyone listens to. Do you feel that?...

Something that you're you're shy with is it's something that you're comfortable with is it's something you're working on. Is it? What do you think about your own voice? In that sense? Yeah, I'm I'm very comfortable with my voice. Um, you know, when I'm trying to practice play by play, I always got like, Listen to myself. Why do I need to improve? What are some things I think that I achieved on, and that's all it matters when you're, you know, try and get your reps in and hopefully everything will be good. Are your headphones that you are wearing now? Are they monitors? Are you able to hear your voice. You're able to hear your own voice, and that's kind of a key thing, like most people. And it's new to me relatively new to me. And you'll notice that even if they have this small ones like singers on stage, they all have some sort of monitor. Thio watch their tones and intonation. How do you How are you staying productive? Your new You don't have a job. You're looking for a job. What? What's keeping you productive in your search and motivated in trying to attain your goal? Yeah, Yeah, for me, it's, like, you know, have connections with people. Um, hopefully I talked to him like, probably like every week. Probably sound like once a month. Sorry. You talked Thio. You talk to who? Once a week? Um, like some of the people like your connections? Yes. Yeah, my connections. Yeah. And so I gotta, like, seek advice for what I dio to like become a sports broadcaster. But, you know, hopefully they respond, giving me some tips and advice and hopefully I want to, like, keep it that way. You know? What's your what's your motivation? What's motivating you to do that to even to reach out to talk to someone. What's driving you? I mean, you know, at 18 you started toe work and you have this and the only Within a few years you're finished school and you're ready toe work, and you have a high aspiration. But what is what is motivating you to do this? My motivation for me is to no trying to talk as many people you can. And hopefully you can bye connect with them, making sure everything is going well. India in the business there, especially when I was in 18 as well, Hopefully to keep along with them. Just make sure how's everything going there and then? Awfully, once the job is done, the job is done and then does your school specs, specs? Howard School of Media Arts. Does that have human resource center a career center for you to start looking for jobs? Will they help you find positions as well? Absolutely. Have you been deeply advantage of that? Yeah, I've been emailing like one of the resource or, um like like, wanted people in the career. Resource is center. His name is Brent. And you know what kind of like make sure or with job that I was like, Take on there And hopefully yeah, hopefully everything will go into plant. And if you look at an episode I did a couple of ago, I think it was 79. Caroline Ceniza Levine If you check it out after this, watch and check it out. She worked in her career center place during college, and now her whole mission is to help people find their career suited to their interests, mainly people changing their careers, but also people getting into a career. So if if you're finding yourself at a roadblock even she says she has, ah website, uh which is called the Dream Club or Dream Club. I'm just looking here Dream Career Club Dream Career Club. And she has free resources on how thio change. And I want to say manipulate. But I want Thio to change your resume and to do the proper steps to find a job. So check out her, even connect with her. She might offer some some advice, or she might be, ah, good resource. But her website has some free resources as well on on how to get...

...those jobs and those positions Have you reached out to any of those sportscasters tried them on LinkedIn or Twitter or any of that. You're following them. You have. You tried to just say hello. Yeah, I connect with some of the people there on LinkedIn. Yeah, it's It's good, right? Just to follow, see what they're up to and even message them. You never know who would reply, who's just sitting there like, Oh, this guy is asking me A You know, some advice being in. You're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I heard it. Today they catch 22 right, You need to get a job, But in order to get a job, you need experience. What is your view on character at being such a young age? So I don't think my character was up to part. I know my character was not up to par in my twenties, maybe 30 40 teens, but where do you see the importance of character as you are about to set out on your career? So from yeah, my character, it's like improve. Improve yourselves, improve that you are definitely trying to be your best, that you could be and yeah, definitely it takes time like get it done, get it right and hopefully once it's perfect. Just leave it at that and then e on, once you get it perfect, please give me a call and tell me how you did it. I want to be the first one to buy. I don't know if it's a pill or whatever it is it took to take it to get perfection, but I would be the first one in line to take it. Definitely yon also. What do you think? I mean, it's I think it's great that you started off in college to do something. You're in a position and you're you're going to follow that path and I think it's commendable and I want you to know that anyone listening would want the best for you. E mean there's for myself. I was such it was on such a winding path in my twenties that for I wish I could go back and have the same enthusiasm that you do. I won't say enthusiasm, but the same vision, the same drive, the same purpose. And then I think things would be different for me, and I hope things would be for you. What you want them to be. But is there anything that people might not understand about you that you would like them to understand so that they can have a better understanding and appreciation of you? Well, to be fair, I Okay, so, to be fair, No, no one might have noticed this, but was when I when I was four, I was diagnosed with autism, and since then, you know Oh, I try and, like, you know, ignore the fact that I have autism there. But, you know, it takes a lot of work to get it done there, and Oh, yeah, You just opened a whole can of worms and they're not worms in a bad way. These air, the yummy earn worms. Yon. That is wonderful. Mhm. Do you realize how wonderful that is? Because Because that gives you Ah, leg up Where you didn't have a leg up before. That gives you an opportunity in a place that you had no opportunity. You may not have had an opportunity before The reason. It's funny you mentioned this. Do you know who my new best friend? I I should say at least Manager Is he is Certainly my he's declared himself, is my manager. He didn't say manager, but he certainly is my manager, so I could I can certainly hook you up with someone. Do you ever hear Frankie MacDonald? No. And the funny thing is, when you said I wrote it down, I mean, I'm not even lying. I mean, usually lie. E think it's embarrassing to show you my notes that I have, but I don't know if you could see it. Says Frankie MacDonald right here. Can you see that? Yeah. This is not that I see. I don't think I'm seeing anything. But when you mentioned weatherman, I was like, You know what? I should introduce you to Frankie MacDonald because Frankie MacDonald is the best weatherman in the world.

You may not know who he is, but he's the best weather man in the world. Do you know why he's the best weather man in the world? Besides his heart, his passion, his dedication, his determination, his drive and all of that. Frankie has autism, and nothing is stopping Frankie from pursuing his dreams. And let guess what? He has a bobblehead. He has a action figure. He has Ah, book. Be prepared. Look up, Frankie MacDonald. I will connect you with Frankie MacDonald and you will be on. Hopefully, it's my suggestion. Like you brought it up. This is something that didn't understand about you. And I think it's It's a wonderful thing. Also, Dylan attack Dylan. Attack is Frankie's probably best friend. Now, at this point, I think and Dylan attack is amazing. If you, I mean, you can search them. I interviewed both of them. They're both on there on the videos. Dylan attack is that of Ontario. So I'm from Canada. Frankie is out of Cape Britain, which is where all my family grew up. Dylan Attack is out of Ontario, and starting in January, Dylan, Frankie are going to have their own TV show on cable TV cable 14 in Canada. Not only that, Frankie has introduced me to no less than five other people that he wants feed interview. And they're all great people. And at least maybe for at least four of them all have autism. Wow. Dylan has autism. He has met the Queen Prince, the prime Minister of Canada. He's met famous hockey, their whole. Their whole new podcast is interviewing famous people. So if you confined the Dylan and Frankie podcast or Dylan Frankie show, you're gonna They're just They're blowing things out of the water. And another guy, uh, he has is so they have their one. So how they promote it is Frankie's the weatherman. Listen, I got you a new gig. Yes, you could be their sports guy if you want. I mean, it depends on how far you said what it waas and what it is, what it is and use it to the best of your ability. And don't be afraid of it, because this is the This is the cards that you're dealt. And this is what you said and people will have a better understanding and better appreciation of you because of it. Frankie. Frankie is the weatherman on this show, and Dylan is the I'm not saying they're gonna put you on the show, but they will interview you. I guarantee you, and I'll message them right now and do so just because they're just wonderful guys. And Frankie and Dylan is the What did he tell me? He also the celebrity, the celebrity getter forget, But he just is able to connect. He just reaches out to lots of people. There was other people, um, who I'm gonna interview that have their own radio station with rock and country radio station. There's another guy who's into rap. There's so I think it's wonderful that you said that, and I don't know if you wanted me to go down that path with it, but you said it. I had no idea. I didn't assume it. I never thought of it. Just you mentioned weatherman and Frankie is the best weatherman. Things I mentioned first to you, the play by play commentator out of I think he lives in Florida, but he's a Spanish commentator, but that connection as well. But I will connect you with them, and I think that somehow, some way at least an inspiration to show that you can do whatever you want, right and how big it becomes if it becomes a job. If it becomes a career, I have no I'm struggling here right, like I have to make ends meet. I need to pay the bills and I need to do all that, too. And it's not easy. That's why I say somewhere in my writing of, You know, work is good, but work is tough, right? It doesn't matter the job. And that's what I do this show for, to show all the wonderful people out there in the world, including yourself, who have an aspiration and ability. Not all people can work, but the people who do and want to. Then go do the work that you want to dio, even though it's going to be tough. And I hope you, you know, pursue those things to the best of your ability, right? Because not all people want to be sports commentators. Not all people have autism and want to be sports commentators either. No, right. But it Z, I think I live in a culture now in South Korea where those things are kind of hidden...

...right. But I think living in North America, I grew up in Canada, where we always had people who had certain things going on that disabilities right. That's I mean, that's what Frankie and Dylan would call it and just But I asked Dylan specifically, I'm like, How do you feel about it? Do you feel hindered or you? Is it a disadvantage? No, it's not you don't have bad days. He doesn't not. They doesn't have bad days. But it's not something that he finds that hinders him. There's nothing that hinder hinders him about having autism so wonderful on you. Thank you for answering that question so honestly, and I think it's a it's interesting. So with that, is there any adversity that you face? So I only have a couple questions for you, John, but is there any adversity that you face? Like I could be spewing all of that stuff out. And you're like, No, no, no, you're crazy. You have no idea what I'm going through because of it did it. But is there any adversity that you face? And I'm not trying to pry too much into your life? I asked. I have been asking my guest this question a lot, but the reason I'm asking about adversity in your life but to be an encouragement to other people Do you have something like that? Yeah. Hmm. Not really. I always, you know, focusing on myself. And you know what I wanted to dio at this point. But, you know, if you're facing anniversary, you just got to make sure that putting your effort to it. And hopefully when the time comes, right and you guys show them what you really made off. And that's my my You know, that's my case there. At least that's wonderful. Yeah, on how can people reach you if people want to get in contact with you? Um, whether you have instagram or Facebook or any of those things I know you're on linked in, but how can people get in touch with you? Okay, so for me, um So of course you know Lincoln is that young broker, But I also have instagram. That is why BV underscored. Yeah. Why be? Yeah, why? BV underscored 96 on instead. Anything else? I left it. Why? BV underscore. No Twitter, no man. If you get connected, if you get connected with Frankie and Dylan, those guys air those guys. You're killing it. They got hundreds of thousands of followers. All right, right. E mean. Not that you're doing it for followers, but you are because you want to be on TV. You people look at you, so don't play humble with me. I know how it is. Right, But make sure if your instagram is not to, um do depending on how many followers you have. Maybe you want something that it stands out is who you are. I mean, you have it. Wonderful name. I've never heard of the name before. John Voelcker. Right, That just good evening, everyone. This is John Voelcker, right? I mean, zwah wonderful on bit's something you should show. And there's something you should use, right? Frankie has, like, Frankie Mukti or something like that, or Frankie MacDonald. I'll send you all of those links for him And I'll, you know, introduce you guys and I maybe maybe you can You can appear if you have time. They meet, like, almost every day online. Right? And maybe you can talk about sports, right? That's why. And that's not why I asked, but to focus on many sports. You could just be the sports guy, right? Like thinking of, ah, rate a TV show that has okay in today's sports, the Celtics beat Toronto 106 95. Like, just fluent with all of those things. And with maybe with Frankie and Dylan, they might throw you on the show Is the sports guy. Hey, that work don't don't. I'm not trying to blow up the balloon here and then someone pop pop it and then be sad about it. But I'll have a talk with with my manager. Frankie. Read. A great guy is final question. Final question. Yon. Why do you want to work? Why do I want to work as a your question? The reason why I want to work is to, you know, focus on my goals in my career and definitely be the best of what what I wanted to be like. If I do like...

...five it If I like, you know, work five days a week, I'll work five days a week. If I do like Sunday, I'll probably do like Sunday. But you know, it takes a lot of time to do the work. And, you know, we wake up in the morning and anger ready to go forward, grab some coffee, all the other things you wanted to dio You're ready for today, and then you got like, all the energy that you need to work out, and then by the time at these hands, and you feel like I think I could do the job that I want to work. And that is exactly what I care about. And, you know, for me, getting a job is definitely important for me. So, you know, do the best thing you can. Um if you have family, then do the best for your family. And that's that's definitely what everybody wants to have. John Voelcker not aspiring but soon to be sports broadcaster. Play by play announcer Maybe on the Frankie and Dylan show coming near you. Thank you. Thank you, John, For your time. I truly appreciate your drive, your aspirations, what you want to do. And I don't see why anything would stop you besides yourself. But remember, you you've got to get a job. If you're gonna get just get a job. Any job will dio, right, e. I appreciate it. And I truly appreciate the work that you will be doing. Thank you, John. Thank you so much, Brian. Thank you for listening to this episode of why we work with Brian V. Be sure to subscribe, follow and share with others so they too can be encouraged in their work. E I hope that you have yourself a productive be a joyful day in your work.

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