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Trisha Ramos is not only a Christian Realtor, Trish is a wife, mom, and author of Struggles and Sunshine. Trisha has a heart for her Lord and Saviour and that is apparent in her work processes and in the way she conducts her every day life with friends and family.

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Welcome to why we work with your host Brian V. As he speaks to people like you from all over the world as we together dive deeper into our motivations, struggles, joys, seemingly missteps, hopes, warnings and advice which would be an encouragement to us all to get up, get going on, keep on working. Working is tough, but working is good. Now here is your host to why we work. Brian V. Um Brian V. And this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure of speaking with Tricia Ramos. Tricia, also known as Fish with Trish, is a Christian realtor. She's a wife, mom and author of Struggles and Sunshine. Today I want to find out what kind of struggles Tricia has. I want to find out our struggles and how we can deal with these struggles. What is the best way to do? So join me in my conversation today with Tricia Ramos. I'm Brian V. And this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure Speaking with Tricia Ramos. Good evening, young lady. Hi. Hi, Brian. I don't know what time it is, where you're at, but it's a time here. It's only six six in the morning. It's only early. What? Well, you don't look like it. You don't look like it's that early. You don't want to see me 6 a.m. E. Well, I don't mind it actually. Don't want to see me in the evening. I'm really not an evening. Tricia, would you do me a favor and just give us a snapshot of who you are and what you're doing nowadays? Yeah, well, well, uh, I am a sinner Saved by Grace. The Lord opened my eyes when I was in high school, and that kind of sent me on a trajectory and directions. I never thought I would go. I always wanted toe really live from, you know, myself and for my own name and things like that. I didn't. God, God showed me that life is about his name. And so when he saved me, it just Hey, he opened my eyes to the lost. And it was as if I saw dead people walking around everywhere that needed spiritually help. And so just right when the Lord save me, there was a desire for for evangelism. And that led me Teoh, right, Comfort. I know you're familiar with three comforts. Ministry. Um, in fact, it was in the late nineties where I had heard him open air preaching in Santa Monica, California. And I didn't like his preaching. I thought he was being harsh. I thought what he should be doing this telling people that you know God loves him and has a wonderful plan for their life. And he was doing the opposite, you know? He was sharing the law and the gospel, but I just still thought it was harsh. Well, boy, was I wrong, and someone had handed me health. Best kept secret. Which Have you heard that Brian, have you heard health biscuits? Absolutely wonderful. All the stuff the that comes...

...out of Ray comfort is fabulous. Yes, Yes. I hope I don't lose you there, Brian. Sorry. My, my, I've got I've got a little battery. So in case is going to go out, I'll just I'll grab my cord. Okay? But yes. So that I heard that message. And then that just really, you know, started uh, really aligning my thinking biblically. And then I found a church called coverage sample saving grace in Southern California and ended up working for the very person re comfort who I had been condemning. S O. E. Was on staff with them for about 10 years, and then my husband felt called to move to Texas, which is where we live now. We're comforts ministries in Southern California. Then we moved here in 2007, so it's been about 13 years and we never really looked back. I worked for Ray from home, and now now I do real estate. It's kind of crazy, but God has me in that line of work and it's it's been he's blown me away. I thought I would sell maybe a house a year, and in this past year alone, I think it's been over 25 homes and we've been blown away, utterly blown away. So I I don't know. I don't think it's just a Texas thing. I think there's a real terms I've talked to in other states, and they're saying that it's it's really, really hot where they're at two. So just that interest rates are low and, um, you know, people are buying, buying and selling Tricia this podcast and I love your testimony, and I'd like to even dabble mawr into it as we go along. But this podcast is about work, and you are a hard worker. Obviously, you're into real estate now. But what would have been your very first job? Maybe as a teenager? Oh, boy. I was working at a clothing store called West City, where and Rancho Cucamonga, California And it was actually owned by summations. And and I think the they would always say, You say I don't know if that a on the telephone, That's what you say on the telephone. You always say, Oh, hey, come up something that s O That was about the only thing I could pick up. But that was my first job. First job, Agia, I think 15. They were kind enough. Teoh, A Korean clothing store at 15. Why did you get that job at 15? Well, you know, there was just probably just a desire. I well e think just a desired, um one make money to be productive with the time and three. I had a close habit because I really wanted to. At the time, I wasn't saved. Wanted Thio where the best things that look the best. So I thought Well, I'll just, you know, I worked at this this store, so it was really probably very, um, worldly mindset, you know, But God, God uses all things. So were you motivated on your own or were family members asking you to go out and get a job? Think, Mom, I think. Definitely my mom. Maybe it was saying, You know, now that you're old enough to work, what do you think about getting a little job and start earning some money and savings? So there was this idea earning...

...money savings, buying your own things, working hard, that type of, you know, even though it was a Christian, a Christian home. But there was that that worth work ethic there, which I'm grateful for. How long did you stay with this Korean clothing company? Oh, yeah, Onley. Probably two years. That's it. Okay, So that's bringing you into high school, though, isn't it? 17 eso at 17. Did you also have a job? And then what were you thinking for after high school? So maybe, you know, it was just a regular. I just I just in my mind, So I had no sort of. I really did not have any sort of direction. I didn't have any any sort of goals. There wasn't. There wasn't. It was. It was a normal go to school, then go to college. And this is just what you dio If there wasn't any sort of, like, entrepreneurial mindset of maybe work for yourself, Um, it was always work for somebody else. Just doing 8 to 5 job. Nothing about really maybe entrepreneurial. That all came later. What did you take in college, or did you go you mentioned? Yeah, I did. I went to college, so yeah, I ended up going to just a Chafee Chafee to your college, got a two year degree, and then from there I went to another another school, and it was all local, so I didn't have any loans. It was just I got all, like, funded where it wasn't like I got in debt. $60,000 for a great degree. I didn't really use um What did you say? I did all education, education, TB, a teacher, which I ended up doing some what? Some in Southern California subbing, Which is great, because I was able to share the gospel, uh, in the public schools but I never got always shut the door. I never ended up doing teaching, which I'm glad, because that led me towards towards the way of the master. So you've mentioned how you got introduced to weigh the master. How did you decide to transfer into real estate? Or was that just when you went to Texas? Yeah, that was all. Well, that's a good question. We had a dear friend named Valentino That was a friend through Calvary Chapel Saving Grace that also knew, right Comfort that new everyone from the way the master, um, you know, evangelism. And he just said, You know, I've got properties in Texas. What if I pay for your real estate school? I'll give you I'm gonna pay $1000. Britain at the time. That was a lot. You know, $1000. I'll pay for you to goto real estate school if you'll help me manage some of my properties on. Then I thought Sure, that sounds okay, but my heart wasn't really in it too much. I didn't really care for the lingo. I wasn't in tow. I just wasn't really thinking financially. I wasn't thinking future wise and do You know, Brian, I was held in in fear by the test for 10 years because I was afraid fail the real estate test. So I ended up getting the school and done, but for 10 years would not take the real estate test. Can you believe that? I couldn't believe it, because right now I'm sitting on a teaching certificate and I'm so fearful of taking the test. Yes.

Yeah. And I was for 10 years held in fear, and then it wasn't until after I had eaten. And this was just recently, You know, my daughter Egan's only four years old, so it wasn't until right after I had eaten. Emilio said Children, Why don't you think about the real estate again? And you know what? I had nothing to lose. So what I did was I just studied 100 hours. It took me 100 hours for the real estate exam. I would study while even was sleeping. Well, even was snapping because I don't wanna waste any time and take my time away from her because I can always be a realtor. But I can't always be a mom. So I wanted to really redeem that time and eso I studied and I failed the first half of the test and I first time. And I passed the other, you know, half with God at that moment. Failing because you're looking at, you know, the Mount Everest of a problem before you for 10 years, and then you write it and then you actually fail it. Yeah. Yeah, Well, you know what? I was actually rejoicing because I thought I feel the whole thing e reread the thing. And I quite past Yeah, e you know, So and that was you know, you'll laugh, Brian. But that was probably the two hours that I spent away from Eden. Ever like I I try to always I'm with her. Everywhere we go, everything we dio it just so so yeah, by God's Grace. Grace, I did pass it and I went into thinking maybe only one house got blew me away. Just this past in one year's time, utterly blew me When I think just to be in a live during this administration that we're in with Trump right now, being the president and the interest rates where they're at is just a really a culmination of God's grace favor. And the timing all really has just been utterly grateful. What is a process that you go through with being a real estate agent or realtor? What was that you bring a person through? But you show them and then into the final stages. What does that process look like? Oh, yeah, Like so. In other words, let's say, Brian, you said, you I think you say you have family in Texas do and clean you Okay, so let's just say you wanted to relocate your whole family out here. What you would do is you. You know, you either give me a call, we talk through Facebook. You tell me kind of your status where you're at the first step is getting pre qualified so that we know exactly the number we can search for right on DSO That's just you getting with a lender. And like, for example, I have several lender teams that I work with, one particularly a dear man named Larry Lee. He's just he's always there for me, answers. Every call, answers every question, and if he doesn't know what, we'll figure it out. So I've done deals with him this year. They get done pretty quickly, like a 30 day clothes. And the lender is the one that that make sure that you get pre qualified so that we're not just out on the hunt. And we're like a chicken with her head cut off, trying to find a home, and we don't know what range. So first we need to find out the range, right? So let's say it's $300,000. Great. If you get qualified for 300,000, then you tell me your...

...desires. You Would you like a one story? Do you want? You know, four bedrooms? You wanna be out in the country a little bit, You wanna be closer to the city and then I do a run on the MLS, and then I send you the listings. What is that? Melon. And that's it. Oh, the MLS is the the main like market. We're all homes in Texas and will really across America are listed and are are available right for you to be able to see Oh, this is these are available homes. So it's the most up to date list. Not Zillow, not a realtor dot com, not but the MLS, and that's what Realtors have access to. So it's kind of like if you look at it like this, the Facebook for realtors, right? It's giving you up to date news at any time. Tricia Eden even coming in here. Do you mind, bro? You know, she was talking to a moment ago? No. Pleasant, uh, cold guest. Okay, I'll be right there. Okay. Okay. She says she'll be bad, but does that make sense? And then we go look, and then let's say let's say you can't leave in your in New York. Let's just say your New York and you can't get here. We could do everything virtually. Can you believe that we can buy and sell a home virtually, Um, which obviously, it's always ideal for you to be here in Texas. But we could do virtual too. Yeah. There's actually a friend I have on Facebook. I just was reading it last night. I believe maybe even this morning, he bought an apartment building on the west coast of Canada. He has a business, but he said we bought We did the whole thing virtually. There you go. Yes, it is possible. That's the world we're living in so we can act if we can, you know, take advantage while we can. This this interesting tech world were in while it's good for us and it's useful, Boy, now is the time. You know Tricia, what is difficult? I worked in real estate in the sense I was a resident manager. So doing a lot of showings, showings, showings, showing what is difficult. What is difficult about your Your job is a realtor. Oh boy, what is difficult, boy? Well, you know, when you kind of see it as a ministry, it's hard to think of anything. That's difficulty, because I was thinking maybe you're gonna have a different perspective because you have this other opportunity as well. So it's not Oh, no, they didn't buy. Exactly. No, that's right. I don't see it as a dragon. Let's just put it this way. Most most people that come to me, it ends up by God's grace Following through, we either end up closing a deal or there were still kind of waiting and looking, and they've got it, you know, lined things up, but most people, they're reaching out. They're pretty serious about buying. They don't They don't reach out unless there's really eso. And I don't know if it's because a lot of the clients they're dealing with their believers. So they have a you know, they have Ah, they fear the Lord. So they're not They're not just reaching out to be reaching out. They know they want to redeem their time. They're looking at the times and the season we're in and they're going. Okay, We need to make a move now. And so yeah, I would say as...

...far as difficult. No, I just Every day I wake up and and I just say, Okay, Lord, what do you have for me today? I'm not gonna look at tomorrow, but what today And how can I help somebody today? What is this skill? So you're talking like since 2017? Maybe even 16 is actually getting some traction with this. So what is this skill that you really had to work on to be a realtor? Hmm? That's a good question. What skill? Everything, I guess you could say, Um, mainly I think the biggest hurdle Brian would be the discipline of, you know well with that, that test passing the test right and and not getting overwhelmed by the big picture, but just just small baby steps. So I think just perseverance Would that be a good answer? Maybe Perseverance in the little things. Getting you to a big goal, Not looking. Yeah, just perseverance. Just maybe, you know, leaning on the Lord, not looking to myself, you know, But just just starting with something small until you get to that end Goal. Just baby steps till you get to the end. Or else if you're looking at the end, you may not get there. It's kind of like, you know, it's It's like heaven. We we were just a little small steps. If we get too overwhelmed with the picture of death that we have to die to enter into, the kingdom will get overwhelmed. But if we just look to the Lord day by day, step by step, he will take us there. He will give us the grace that we need at that last moment to cross the finish line and, you know, deal with death and things. So there's certainly so many distractions that would discourage us if we allow it like that So that's truly right. Those little steps. Tricia, I'm just wondering, thinking of when you first started working at the clothing store and then also transferring into being a realtor. Now, do you have any advice for people who are getting into work or changing their career? Yeah, yeah, I guess, Um, I guess my advice would be, well, one. It's always great if you could work for yourself, right to be on entre entrepreneurial minded. But but not everybody's going Thio have that type of mindset I didn't always early on. E think it's because there's fear involved in it. There's if we don't take step with faith at times, we're gonna always stay where we're at. You know, not not letting something that seems so big, Um, really incapacitate you or, you know, so that you don't achieve your goals. So I guess I would just say, Well, one, whatever you're doing, do it all to the glory of God, right? Whether you're gonna be, you know, working in a clothing store or whether you're going to be doing real estate because those are two very different things, right? One is kind of low risk. Working at a clothing store for somebody else is very low risk. You'll have a stable income, but it might be small, but be doing real estate. You're working for yourself, right? Essentially. But your...

...income could be much greater reward by taking much greater risk. So it just you know, it depends. It just depends. Yeah. I mean, and to start a real estate company does not start. It doesn't cost very much. It's just going to take some endurance to get there. Tricia, I know we would have similar perspectives, but not everyone listening will have the same perspective. But what do you think is most important in a career with character or the proper character toe having a career? And I can think, you know, we're shaped and molded by the grace of God, but not everyone is. And I don't wanna help moralism. But how important is, you know, integrity in someone's career, especially in realistic about like that, you know, things like being a lawyer, and sometimes those things kind of get questioned. So I'm sure you're doing what you can by the grace of God. But how you lift that up? Yeah. You know, Brian, that's a good question. First, I'd like to say that in my short real estate career, I have found some of the most Integris, hardworking people that I've ever met. They answer every call if they don't their back to me in minutes. It's the most amazing the amazing occupation I think I've had, You know that next, Of course, Living waters doing, you know, evangelism. And working for a very comforted her camera. That was a blessing. But yeah, high premium on integrity, which ultimately only comes with the biblical worldview. Because where is it where you know who is the inventor of integrity? You know God is the inventor of integrity who is the inventor of hard work. God is right. We see in the proverbs. Oh, go look to the ant. You slugged right. You know, you see the ant working, um, in in all seasons and the ants accomplished mighty things without having any sort of general. And so we can We can have always wonderful qualities, right? Andi? People do people in the world that don't have. The Lord is there. Savior still can have wonderful qualities. Like I said, I've met a lot of them and There's not very many Christian Realtors that I've met yet, but they still are working. What it seems very, you know, Integris it's and getting back and doing good deals. And so they can have that. They just don't have the creator to give the credit to write. But so what are some of the main things? Yeah, integrity, Um, trustful, uh, you know, truthfulness being on time? Um, yeah, just just good communication skills that's always good in the workplace. Right? But I guess I'd say most importantly, getting right with the Lord, and all of that will follow. All of that will follow instead of putting the heart before the course, the cart before the horse. All of that will follow after we are right with the Lord. No, that's That's so true. That's why I said, I don't wanna people just...

...living morally with with no heart change involved. But But the idea for toe have is you mentioned for people to hear, you know, integrity is important. Honesty is important. Punctuality is important. All of those things are important. And then maybe one day when that heart does get changed, then they think back or see something again that says, Yeah, yeah, all of these things, by God's grace I can work on. And I also like what you're saying that you're seeing people wherever you go, but in particular real estate that have some of these traits because one you made in the image of God. But it's it's just And that's why I made this podcast, too, because I think there's beauty in the work that people do, and that's why I want to show. And I feel it revealed and not feel it reveals God's sovereignty, reveals God's working hand through the people that do work whether they acknowledge him or not. That's exactly right. Yeah, work is a good thing we, you know, and in fact remember he created Adam and Eve, and they were to what tend to the Garden of Eden. So this this work was a noble idea. It's actually, you know, being impoverished or this idea of you know, sometimes people have this notion that when you come to the Lord or if you're a Christian, that being a mindset of poverty or this and that that it's somehow noble or humble, but that, you know, biblically speaking work is a good thing. Hard work is a good thing. Look at all. Look at the proverbs. Look at um Solomon. Look at David. These were men that love the Lord, and God had them in high places. And it's actually I think there's a proverb, David that says by humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life. It's a problem, but I don't know the location by humility and the fear of the Lord, our richest honor and life. So sometimes you see some of the most humble people like, you know, Kirk Cameron, the actor from growing pains, fireproof left behind And, um, he he's extremely humble, But God has really raised him up. And I often think about Kirk like Boy, he's really he's probably very humble in his prayer closet, and God just has kept, you know, raising him up and uses him in great ways. Yeah, it's funny for a person, Thio I mean, what was it? Growing pains, Growing pains? Correct that Z, I've seen Thio to growth go through that process of the industry and still remain humble. It is, um you said you are you from are you from Canada. You said originally Nova Scotia? Yes, because I heard the process. I could tell that to Canadian people. E gotta listen to process. So So you're in another country, but from Canada. And you have family in Texas? Correct, My dear wife's. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Well, you know, if you guys ever need anything, this is, you know, and it's funny. I have a friend. What? We've got several people coming from Seattle that air new...

...clients. They're all leaving for the same reasons because they want to go to Texas, that it has more of a conservative biblical, you know, mindset. And, um, they're coming out here, but I got to new clients. They're coming from California. They own a flooring company they wanted, like a commercial building and a home to live in. And they're leaving for the same reasons. In fact, the wife is actually from China, and she had left China Big California for freedom. There's a big flow. She's coming from California. Heard? Yes. Huge, huge. They're coming. So when it's your time or anyone you know, I was telling them. They're saying, Well, what should we do? Should we choose between Tennessee, Idaho, R, Texas. I said, Well, Texas is the only state in the entire union that talks about succeeding in case something goes down. I haven't heard of Tennessee succeeding or but you never know. I hope we never get to that point. But, um, boy were in interesting times. Tricia, I know you're you're pressed for time, so I only have a few questions for you. But do you have a goal? I mean, to enjoy God and glorify him forever. But in your real estate work, do you have a particular goal in what you're doing? You can't separate the two, but that's right. That's a great question, Brian. I often think about that. In fact, you know, it's funny. Do you remember Dave Ramsey? Do you ever remember E listen to him and his advice. Yeah, well, it's funny, because I financial advice for anyone who does not know, but yeah. Yeah, well, you know, I never listened to his tunnel total money makeover, but you know, the clients with the flooring business, they told me they'd been listening to that book the total money makeover for three times. He says he's listening and listening to it. He's a really successful, you know, business owner, flooring company. And I thought, You know, I've never listen to Dave Ramsey's think. Well, I'll just listen to it. So I've been listening to have only halfway through. But there's some really neat things, I think, for basic right, basic beginner's. And maybe some folks that are just stuck financially don't know how to get out. Maybe that's a good baby step, you know, Just a Dave Ramsey total Money makeover. Listen to that. Listen to it over and over until it makes sense. But your question waas we have the course here way. Have we have the Dave Ramsey course here His day Brown University program? Baby steps. Okay, awesome. Awesome. But you So your question Brian was remind me again. You go. Oh, yeah. Cool. I guess. You know, Brian, if I were living in a dream world and God is able because you know George Mueller, remember George Mueller? He was the the man that owned orphanages, and he did it all through prayer. He would just pray and people would give money. And he wound up with tens of thousands of orphans, um, lining the streets the day he died that he was able to take care of through prayer. So I guess if I'd say I mean one of my goals would be Obviously, I would love to help my mom pay off her home, you know, just pay it off. And because I've made money through real estate, I think that it's through real...

...estate, that venue could that could come. So that's my goal. I guess I'd say, you know, that could pay my mom's home off, maybe get, you know, millions. Parents. Ah, home and the pay ours off. That would be a great goal, but I just submitted toe Lord say, Lord, whatever you want, however, you want to grow this. I just wanna be diligent everyday to what you give what you bring, what opportunities you bring in. I hope that works out. Tricia, is there anything you would like people to understand about you? I mean, from your walk with the Lord until now is a realtor. Is there anything that you would like people to understand so they can have a better appreciation of you or the work that you're doing? Oh, boy. Well, uh huh. That's a good question. I guess I would say that I it's ah, everything I do. It is It's for the Lord and to the Lord and through the Lord. So I wouldn't be able to do any of it without him. So if they want a Christian Realtor, then that's what that's what they'll get one that is going to pray for them and to, you know, honor the Lord every step of the way. So that that's my goal, right? That's what I want to do is to honor him. So, um that yeah, they're looking for somebody that one fears The Lord honors the Lord and and I give all the glory of the Lord no marketing at all. Except my Facebook page. That's it. Just a post here and there. But no marketing and just Yeah, just thankful. Thank you. Thank you for having me on Brian. Really, Really thankful. I think your your background almost looks like a wretched radio thing with the bricks. Yeah, maybe is more old school one. He has that like it. Like it e only have to really basic questions for you And thinking adversity is their adversity that you have faced in your life, but in terms of giving people an encouragement for the university that they're facing in their lives. Yeah, boy. Well, we're gonna definitely face it, uh, daily with whatever our body's breaking down, our homes, breaking down, people breaking down jobs, failing us, you know, animals dying people die. So we're always going to you know, Jesus himself said, in this life you will have troubles. But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. So the only way that we can be truly, truly of good cheer is by trusting in the Lord eso. In terms of adversity, I'd say one of the greatest manuals of all time for adversity, no matter what, no matter what age, no matter what season urine is the Bible. That's gonna be your greatest manual. Better better than any real estate book. Better than any. You know, Dr Manual, that is, that is our manual for life. So when there's adversity, go to the word and you know where to go. Guess where films would be really good. Because King David was always in peril. King David was always in adversity, you know, he says in someone 19, we think the statement who wrote some one night You know it, then somebody else. But...

...it's it's lucky that it's him. On some of the 19 is my school briefs to the dust reapplied me Great year liver. So when it came over, whoever wrote that song with their soul was clean the dust e How are they going to be about the real life? Tricia, You're sounding like breaking up just a tad. I know if it's because it's moving, but yeah, what you're speaking about is akin to, And I know you're saying the Bible is most important, which I agree wholeheartedly. But also the book that you wrote struggles and sunshine, Confessions, prayers. Yeah, and I think that shows your humility. You're not. And I asked to speak with you. You didn't ask to come on here so you can promote being a realtor. Your book s so I think that speaks to your humility, which is all by grace. I know that. But struggles in sunshine, confessions, prayers and biblical insight from our Christian mom. And yes, absolutely. I forgot all about that s O. That would be a helpful, useful tool as well. I'm sure you would say How how could you be reached? How could people reach you or get in contact with you whether about really buying or your book or fish with Trish any other? Yeah, absolutely. I'll give you every every way. Thank you for mentioning that book. I really appreciate that you could get that Amazon. Um, you can reach me through fish with Trish dot com at gmail dot com. It's kind of funny, right? Fine. And I use that for all my real estate deals. Fish With Trish D. O. T C O m at gmail dot com That's just my email on and I also go to a church called Heritage Grace Community Church in Frisco. Anybody is welcome. Sunday at 2 30 were there. That's where we worship. It's It's right here in Frisco and then I'll just give you weaken. I don't know if you can post up a direct number for anything. Real estate related. 9726656531 and Brian, you can use any of my things. I text you as well, my car, whatever. Anything you need in terms of real estate, and also I can dio any real estate deals across America? Um, yeah, I will get a referral fee for any if I find a realtor that you use So it will be, you know, used for God's Kingdom Used for his glory to further the gospel eso If it's did not Texas anywhere in the United States, let me know I can I can help in some way, God willing, you know, with his health. And don't we all need his help. Tricia have one final question for you. And that is why do you work, boy? Why do I wear well? I just say, you know what I what I said I work well for my sanity and for his glory. Because work really has helped grow,...

...grow my mind and keep keep me focused So that my focus is isn't just on Lee on Eden, my child. My four year old child, which I'm it is Ah, lot, right. As you know, I want to spend on Lee my time with her, but it also gives me a little bit of an outlet and some vision and direction for us together she goes with me on all the deals We do everything together. It gives me just a really, really just a focused management of time. So work helps really focused on my time. Redeem the time keeps my mind from being idle and bringing glory to God. You know, there's a verse for that, right? Redeem the times because the days are evil making the most of the time because the days are evil. And you know this as well as ideo. Our days are more evil than we've ever seen. Where in really interesting time. So, um yeah, very interesting. And if not just our hearts the struggles in the difficulties that we go through a little own the forces on the outside Tricia Ramos, fish with Trish Christian realtor, wife, mom and author of Struggles and Sunshine Thank you so much. And I appreciate the work that you're doing. Thank you, Brian. You know how to reach me for you and your family. Anyone you know needs help. Thank you for having me. God bless you and what you're doing. Thank you for listening to this episode of why we work with Brian V. Be sure to subscribe, follow and share with others so they too can be encouraged in their work. I hope that you have yourself a productive be a joyful day in your work.

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