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Episode 94 · 7 months ago

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Shaun Alspach is the Vice President of Influencing Generations for Christ (IGC) and is the Head of the School at Halifax Christian Academy. Shaun has a heart to serve and he has learned that service first starts at home and then into the broader community. He would be the first to confess that we need the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, to do things well and this is Shaun's purpose.

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Shaun was originally trained as a professional geologist, with 23 years of experience in the Canadian and United States Energy Sector, in a variety of technical, senior management, strategic planning and corporate governance roles. He has coordinated over $400 million dollars of commercial transactions, been on the senior leadership team of publicly traded companies with market value over $1 billion dollars and has started and sold various private enterprises. His diversified his background and experience through years of corporate structuring, strategic planning, team management, senior executive governance, financing, and investor relations experience as well as a wealth of acquisition and divestment experience give him a robust leadership, governance, financial management, strategic planning, marketing, capital raising, corporate structuring and business development toolkit.

Shaun was not raised in a Christian tradition but was invited by his wife Leah to attend church in his early 30’s. For the next two years a critical comparison of his secular education versus the foundations of Christian faith ensued. This period of discovery led Shaun to see the absolute truth of scripture, as well as the tremendous volume of evidence making Christianity the only viable worldview choice. Shaun’s journey from a secular trained, old-earth, agnostic evolutionist to a passionate young earth creationist has been a startling 180-degree turn. Discipling students and showing them the truth of the Bible, God’s sovereignty, and Jesus love through his ultimate sacrifice is what motivated Shaun to leave his corporate life behind, join the ministry of Influencing Generations for Christ to pour into Christian schools, in order to strengthen them, in order that they maximize the 900-1000 annual hours of access to each student for powerful Kingdom impact.

Shaun has been an active servant in the work of the ministry. Shaun is currently Head of School of Halifax Christian Academy, the largest Christian school in the province of Nova Scotia, a position which he assumed at a time when the closure of the school was imminent. Through God’s provision and Shaun’s leadership HCA has embarked upon an exciting new chapter, in alignment to God’s Vision and Mission. HCA is fundamentally stronger than prior to his appointment, with a new strategic governance structure, fiscal management plan, discipleship plan, marketing and community engagement. HCA is now praising God for hundreds of blessings and a 50% enrollment increase in just one year since embarking on this transformation. Shaun also is serving the Lord as an active participant in his local church, Regal Heights Baptist Church, in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada.

Previously Shaun served Mountain Springs Calvary Chapel, on staff in the role of Ministry Assistant. This part time commitment followed on the heels of 2 years of volunteer service as a Ministry Intern and came in response to God’s unmistakable calling over his life, while standing at the Pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem, and following 12 years of growth after his salvation at the age of 34. In the 3 years on staff, he was privileged to have been given the honor of teaching from the pulpit, counselling members of the congregation, as well as leading and coordinating various ministries and programs.
Shaun graduated in 1993 from the University of Alberta, with a Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in Geology and later served his alma-matter for ten years as a sessional instructor. He has served as a Director of publicly traded as well as privately held companies, as well as several faith and non-faith based charitable organizations.

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