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Episode 96 · 7 months ago

#96 Sarbrina Runbeck - Consultant & Physician Assistant - BrianVee WhyWeWork


Sabrina Runbeck MPH, MHS, PA-C is a physician assistant, consultant, speaker, and podcaster empowering busy professionals to be both powerhouses in healthcare and passionate people in life without feeling overwhelmed or under-appreciated.

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"★ Helping you, ambitious young healthcare professionals, who are feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or misunderstood to restore wellness and reboot efficiency so you can be BOTH - a powerhouse in our career and a passionate person in life!★" (LinkedIn, 2021)

✔ Are you looking for a game plan to stop being overwhelmed, stepping up to make greater impacts on others, while creating harmony in your work and life?

✔ Do you want to know how to enjoy more 'me time' without neglecting your career goals?

If so, I offer a scientifically proven solution.

After working 80 plus hours a week in healthcare, my workload took a toll on my personal and professional life. Like me, millions of young professionals are grinding day by day in their career fields that they used to feel passionate about but now having little satisfaction.

I discovered a 3-step system to help successfully overcome this situation, and I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

You will learn to say NO to...

o Vagueness, so you can share your purpose and achieve more
o Negative thoughts, so you can reclaim your mental strengths and embody your success
o Putting your self-care last, so you can give the best of you not what is left of you

For more information, visit me at SabrinaRunbeck.com


If you are actively seeking growth, don’t shy away from taking actions, and are committed to a satisfying and healthy style of living join me for a FREE 15-minute Roadblocks Removal call to discuss the most 3 common mental barriers that caused your success blockers to occur in the first place and how to march toward a life full of Heck YES.

★ Clients Say ★

Clients thank me for my passion, involvement, being thorough, positive, and determined.

★ What Makes Me Different ★

Much attention has been drawn to external factors of burnout but very few are talking about personal control of this problem. This is where I come in.

The positive mindset of I-can-and-I-will generates power, energy, and strength. Once aligned with a clear life purpose and heart’s desire, then the how-to appears.

Cracking the code of success is not hard. If you want to grow and excel, you would need to make a choice to be open to receive empathy and welcome changes. Then we can begin to plant seeds and follow a path to see life flourish.

★ Specialties Include ★

Online Learning, 1-on-1 coaching, Virtual Summits, In-person Presentation, Accountability, Workshops, Masterminds, and Retreats


Please contact me at ✉ sabrina@sabrinarunbeck.com, 📲 281-849-4676, or 📞visit SabrinaRunbeck.com/hello to book a call.

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