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Episode 104 · 7 months ago

#104 Rob Kessler - Million Dollar Collar - BrianVee WhyWeWork


Rob Kessler is an inventor, boat captain, and serial entrepreneur. Rob's most recent invention is the Million Dollar Collar. Rob cares for his customers and is dedicated to providing the best in all that he does.

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goTIELESS.com (Company Website)
MillionDollarCollar.com (Company Website)

Rob's wife exercise training videos: https://transformationroomfit.com/



"Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear, and clothing says a lot about a person. After viewing my wedding photos, I set out to change dress shirts forever, so they better represent the wearer.

WHO AM I: An inventor, a boat Captain, a serial-entrepreneur and the buddy my friends always call first when they are looking for a guy, who knows a guy-- to help them out. Connecting people with whatever (or whoever) they need most, has just been my thing.

For 20 years, that “thing” powered my career in sales, where I helped people with the three biggest purchases they’d ever make in their lives--- houses, cars & diamonds! And today, that same need to connect and serve others is the driving force behind Million Dollar Collar.

WHAT I DO: I make your dress shirts look amazing!
On the biggest day of my life, my wedding day, I was sorely disappointed by the look of my casually worn dress shirt. I looked more like a beach bum than the "Thomas Crowne" cool I was going for. After doing some research I found that there was no such thing as a placket reinforcement. This is a new problem and apparently, no one had the fix for it yet. Over 80 percent of men today will rarely if ever wear a tie with their dress shirts these days. Being a non-tie-guy, I decided to work on a solution.

Over 3 years of R&D and nearly 100 ruined dress shirts later, and we launched our patented Placket Stays at the beginning of 2016. And after 24 months of sales and we are at nearly 250,000 sets sold to image-conscious people all over the world!

WHO I WORK WITH: I get the immense benefit of putting out an awesome product that makes dress shirts look amazing. But I also get to create meaningful and lasting B2B partnerships with clients around the world. I frequently partner with:

-Department Stores

-Best invention of our generation, this will be in every shirt in 5 years
-My Favorite Fashion Fix of 2018 - Lawrence Zarian - Fashion Guru" (LinkedIn)

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