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Episode 98 · 7 months ago

#98 Riana Milne - Life, Love, & Trauma Recovery Coach - BrianVee WhyWeWork


Riana Milne is a Life, Love, and Trauma Recovery Coach and best selling author of over seven books, intimate coaching sessions, masterclasses, self-study courses, and evergreen programs. Riana's mission is to help people diagnose childhood and love traumas and to live a fulfilling and joyful life despite past difficulties. Also, Riana helps single people and couples with dating and relationship success. Furthermore, Riana teaches females how to have a mindset for success. With Riana's education and experience, she is more than qualified, as well as having a heart of compassion, to help people succeed in life and in their relationships.

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RianaMilne.com (Company Website)
LessonsinLifeandLove.com (RSS Feed)

facebook.com/CoachRianaMilne (Company Website)

201-281-7887 (Mobile)



CoachRianaMine (Skype)

* Certified Singles & Couples Relationship Coach with The
Relationship Coaching Institute,
FL - LMHC/Prov; CAP - Cert. Addictions Counselor
CCTP - Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
* NJ Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
* Licensed & Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC)
* Student Assistance Counselor/Substance Awareness
Coordinator for schools Grades K-12 (SAC),
* Cert. Compulsive Gambling Counselor (CCGC),
* Teacher of Psychology – Certificate of Eligibility for NJ,
* MA in Applied Clinical Psychology-92 Master’s Credits for
Licensure- Rowan Univ, NJ. GPA 3.98,
* Owner, Program Director, Instructor and Agent for Riana
Model & Talent School/Agency, Erie, PA; a State
licensed, 3-time Internl Award winning school for
Educational Excellence & Talent School /Year.,
* 1979-1975 BA in Speech Communications, Broadcast & Business Marketing Major; minors in Public Relations &
Dramatic Arts - Penn State University, State College, PA.-
Major GPA 3.5.
* Radio & TV Broadcast Licensed Talent.

Public Speaker; Life, Motivational & Relationship Coach, Marketing & PR Pro, Teacher, Author of Book Watch Me! Motivational Self-Help book, Radio Broadcast license & Air Personality, TV Talent, writer for various magazines/newspaper Advice Columnists, prior Talent Manager, holistic health/fitness. Runner-up: Miss & Mrs. America Contests. I'm a high-energy, motivated, Spiritual people person.Therapist seen on NBC TV News report: “Helping our Children & Teens through the Tragedy of 911.”" (LinkedIn, 2021)

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