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Naresh Vissa is an online & digital marketing executive. Naresh is the Founder & CEO of Krish Media & Marketing. Naresh is a hard working man and his is not slowing down anytime soon, especially as he has widened his expertise into real estate. Contact him for a free book and consulting.

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nareshvissa.com (Personal Website)
krishmediamarketing.com (Company Website)BooksFifty Shades of Marketing (Contact Naresh for a free copy!)https://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Shades-Marketing-Business-Competition-ebook/dp/B015DFZ7JKPodcastnomicshttps://www.amazon.com/Naresh-Vissa/e/B00G5IU3C6/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1





"Open networker, so all invitations are welcome...

I have a full service online and digital solutions provider (www.krishmediamarketing.com)... work with some big names in the financial industry. I'm fortunate to have collaborated with the best direct response companies in the world.

Launched an online radio network generating six-figures in monthly revenue

Managed the production and marketing for the first online physical precious metals retail platform exchange

Two-time #1 bestselling author and national columnist

Featured on USA Today, Yahoo!, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Business Week, MSN Money, Business Insider, India Today, Hindustan Times" (LinkedIn, 2021)

Welcome to why we work with your host Brian V. As he speaks to people like you from all over the world as we together dive deeper into our motivations, struggles, joys, seemingly missteps, hopes, warnings and advice which will be an encouragement to us all to get up, get going on and keep on working. Working is tough, but working is good. Now here is your host to why we work. Brian V. I'm Brian V and this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure of speaking with Norrish. Visa nourishes an online and digital marketing executive. He is an author. He's also the founder and CEO of Krish Media and Marketing. Today I want to find out What does his full service online and digital marketing company do? What do they provide for their customer? Join me today in my conversation with Nourish Visa. I'm Brian V and this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure speaking with Norrish visa. Good day Find sir. Good day. Find sir. Pleasure to be on. Thank you for coming on here. I know that you're in Florida. I'm here in South Korea. It's nice to virtually meet you nourish? Can you tell me, what industry are you in? And what is it you're doing nowadays? I run Chris Media and Marketing, which is an online and digital marketing agency, I would say, Actually, it's in the tech industry. Uh, not necessarily in the marketing industry, but in that, because we're really Maura Tech Company. At the end of the day, what got you working? Nourish. What was your what would have been your very first job? Maybe as a teenager Or, uh, it could have been selling lemonade or I mean, looking at your bio, you've You've had a lot of jobs. You had a lot of opportunities and you have a lot of experience. So I'm thinking possibly you might have started early. I started early at the age of 15. It's all it all began when I took a course called The Apprentice based on the TV show The Apprentice. That was my introduction to business and to entrepreneurship to management. So we had were faced with tasks like running the school cafeteria, like selling lemonade across the street. Um, and just an incredible incredible I failed. I I did terrible. And I don't want to say I did terrible in the class, but in the game that we were playing, I did terrible. I was one of the first people fired. Read the book, The Art of the Deal, which led me to read the book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And my first internship, thanks to that class, was to add a marketing company not in online and digital marketing company. But it was a traditional marketing and sales company that sold technology and software solutions. So I was just the 16 year old intern who did the grunt work helping all the experienced salespeople. So with the Apprentice course, this was in high school, of course, offered by your school. It was a special course offered by our school for three weeks, and it was a very immersive three week experience. We spent, uh, that was the only class that I took during those three weeks. So, uh, how was that experience? I mean, even though you didn't do well, but how was the experience? Overall, it seems like it would be very interesting. Yeah, well, I was only 15 years old when I started out 16. By the time the class ended And of course, if you don't have business experience, you're not gonna know what you're doing. You're not gonna know how to manage people. And, um, overall, even though I didn't do well, it was an incredible experience. And it was after that class that I said, I want to get into business. I want to get internships. I would want Thio get a degree in business, which I ended up getting degrees undergrad and masters, Um, in management and business finance accounting. Would you say nourish that by getting fired? It actually helped you? Oh, yeah, for sure. So in that case, um, and this is, like, get the game part of it, right? This is not like, Oh, no, we don't ever want to see you in our school again. It's just the game. It's just the game. Yeah, it's just a game. So it helped me in the sense that I knew it was a humbling experience. And look, I've been fired many times since then. Okay? I've been fired from full time jobs. I've been fired from, uh, part time things. I've been now running my business for the last eight years. I've been fired by clients and eso one of the things about...

...being a business person and entrepreneurs. You better get used to that because if you're not able to handle getting fired, you're not gonna live. You'll probably end up killing yourself because being an entrepreneur is kind of like being a masochist. You're just beating yourself up all day trying to make payroll trying toe earn a living, trying to pay rent and especially when you're getting started. That's how it was for the first. So in, for when you were 15 and into 16. Did you take another job in high school? And what were you starting to think Cause you mentioned college? What were you starting to think about your your education and even into your career? Well, I started working working, meeting I interned at the market was a paid internship. So, as you know, got paid money, or this summer that was when I was 16. I could drive because it's hard Thio. They're not gonna hire 15. If you can't drive, then you're not gonna get hired. So when I was 16, I could drive and then when I was 17, worked at the same company doing the same stuff also taught math and coach basketball when I was 17 and 18, so I was working doing that as well. I was paid to do all that, and and so by the time I got to college, it was one of those things that I pursued. I pursued entrepreneurship. I pursued business. I pursued leadership types of experiences, experiential courses. But at the same time, I never compromised my studies. I said I could do all that, but I'm still gonna try to graduate magna cum laude and try to go to graduate school, which I did. I still did all that on the side. There were side households going, even had jobs working on Wall Street. I worked for Big Wall Street Bank, doing all this stuff on the side. What was just a side hustle and then worked for the largest financial publisher in the world. Full time started their online radio division, and while I was there, I learned a ton more. That was the light bulb that went off in my mind that said, Hey, you know what? I could go out on my own and do my own thing and be just fine. But at this thing young age and you don't find it a lot. I didn't find it with myself. What was driving you at this? You know, to get into that course, Maybe it was a requirement, but to get thes. But you had You also said you had a vision. You had a purpose. You were not going to be stopped. You were going to get your masters when I was younger. That wasn't a goal for me. And that's not a goal for a lot of people. What was driving you may be with the education and with your determination, Thio to start your career. Okay, Well, the bottom line is I am somebody who likes to succeed no matter what it is that I dio, whether it's working, whether it's school, no matter what it is. I like to succeed. I don't like to fail, and I have failed a lot. And what happens with those failures? I don't just walk away from those failures. I use those failures as teaching tools so that I could be better. A lot of this just has to do with a spiritually philosophy of in my religion. It's called Dharma of or Dharma, as people call it, of maximizing knowledge, attainment and just maximizing life itself. And so that's what drives me every day and everything that I do, whether it's playing with my son and teaching him how to walk. He's only one years old or, um, working on my business and growing it businesses now. So as you went through, he had some interesting experiences. E C, the Houston Astros, the Rockets, his radio. As you mentioned J. D. Morgan. You have a lot of experience, and you kind of meandered through. How did you eventually come to your own business? Well, like I said, it was that that full time job out of graduate school, working the largest financial marketing financial publishing company in the world. That's where the light bulb went off. And I said, I'm ready to make that jump within the next five years, and I did end up making that jump about a year and a half later, and it initially Waas. Let's just try this for a year, See how it goes after a year. Excellent year. It's like I gave myself a 20% race, so let's say okay, let's try it for another year. Tried it for another year. Not as good as the first year, but still pretty good. Better than a full time job. So I said, All right, let's try it for another year. After the third year, there was a bit of stagnation. And, um, I said, All right, we'll stagnation is okay. I mean, I'm still making a living. I still have money to save. That's left over. Let's try it for another year. Tried it for the other year. And that's when I said, You know what? I'm never gonna even think about leaving this like I've I've found my niche and things were going well and I'm good for the next five years. But knowing that the next recession would probably create a new breed of 20 something, entrepreneurs would come in and try to put me out of business. I said, I need to diversify and I need to have another stream of income. So I started another business, and that's my real estate business. And I think within the next two years that real estate business is gonna overtake Chris Media Marketing As faras Gross revenue goes staying on Chris media. What is it that your company provides? And what is it...

...you do as the CEO of the company? What is the process that you go through? Well, we're digital marketing agency, so we provide everything online and digital related from Web design, Web development, logo design, affiliate marketing paper, click podcast production book publishing You name it. Chris. Media marketing dot com KR I s h media marketing dot com What type of compliance are you seeing? More often than not, our clients range. I mean, obviously we we we prefer small and medium sized businesses and we have many clients or in the SNB space. But we get individuals. We get small businesses using SMB small and medium sized business. Yeah, I'm ignorant, so I don't know, but good. Yeah, yeah, yes. So But we take on anyone because the services are transferrable across all industry, all business sizes. So how did you start to develop your skills in being well, one CEO, right? The executive that's doing all of this. But where you said finding your niche. So when did you start to develop these skills in particular? And what skills did you need? Thio, Hone to be in the position you're in now. Well, a lot of the services that we offer. I grew into them. So Chris Media Marketing only started out as a podcast production and marketing strategy marketing consulting company. I did a little bit of copyrighting and project management as well, but then client started saying, Hey, can you build this website? Can you help us publish this? Well, can you do this design work? And instead of saying no and referring them to somebody else, I said, Yeah, we could do it. And then I went out and hired somebody who could do it. And that's how I grew the business. That's how we grew. And to answer your question, well, how did I step into this leadership role and develop these skills? I've always been someone independent. I think a lot of it came from my childhood sports. I played a lot of sports growing up and just, um, just kind of being raised independently. Before we start recording, you mentioned and I asked you, Are you is this kind of a media push, or is this something you kind of do long term? And you said I like to do this as much as I can. What is the what is the reasoning behind that? I think I wonder the question for people, whether they have a podcast, they have their own business because I think whatever your answer would be, it's good for everyone that has something, a message to tell people. Well, look, what we're doing right now is an interview that is going to have a pass along effect. What's called a pass along effect. That means 20 years from now, when my son is 21 years old. He confined this interview on the Internet and listen to it and get value from it. Right now. He can't. He can't even can't talk. He probably can't listen to much, either. But that's what I mean by a pass along effect. It's not just for my kids or my kids, but it's for business. 20 years from now, the business could be listening to this and saying, Wow, I really like this guy. I like what it's company has. So let me check out his website, Christian Media marketing dot com, and you know we're in the market for someone to to do these services so yeah, Obviously the selfish reason is I want to grow. My business is I wanna get my brand out there. I want to get our companies ran out there. I want somebody to listen and to be like, Oh, I wanna hire them to do our next website or Thio do our next online webinar online conference. That's that's the number one goal. But these recordings are a great way to spread the word through search engine optimization s CEO. Like I said, the pass along effect, uh, things online don't disappear. I mean, they can disappear. But if you Google my name, that's the thing. A lot of people, even my wife. Before we went on our first state, she googled my name and she saw these interviews that came up and books and everything, and she was like, Oh, wow, Okay, he can come pick me up from home like he doesn't like. I know who he is. He's got this brand on the internet. So again, I didn't do it for that. But, um, it helps a lot in the business world for sure. Knowing this is kind of a fast paced industry, you probably have toe be up on your game, but switching over in tow. Real estate It seems more of a patience game. Can you differentiate between the two and how you decided Thio get into real estate? Yeah, real estate is more passive, which I like more. I like working little in making more. That's that's That should be the goal of everyone. Minimum work, maximum return. And in the case of real estate, it's been amazing because I work like maybe 3 to 4 hours a week and I'm making well into the five figures right now. And I'm looking to double that, you know, make well into the six figures within the next two years, which I think is very, very possible. Very likely. And like I said, real estate is passive. So I'm not waking up every day because I hired higher property managers. I hire people to do most of the most of my stuff, and I just sit back and collect my rental income, and I have an account of bookkeepers who handle my books, and...

I wish that I realized it when I was younger when I was when I started Chris Media Marketing. When I was getting it up and running. I was working my butt off. And there are many times I was working 10, 12 hours a day, making next to nothing. And then when I got into real estate, I was like, Holy shit, like I'm making more money now, like doing nothing. And I remember all those late nights I had in my apartment in downtown Baltimore, you know, banging my head against the wall because I was wondering what I make enough money this month to pay the rental or to pay rent and so huge fan of real estate. I'm very bullish on residential real estate, and I think it's gonna continue to do well. And if any of your listeners wanna learn more about it, reduces your tax bill tremendously. Please contact me through my website narration vista dot com. So you heard me be glad to send you a free copy of my book, 50 Shades of Marketing. And if you would like the real estate coaching all coach you for free on how you also can become a successful real estate investor, is there a particular range of which you're investing in? Is a housing single family house. Single family only, mostly either older properties or new construction properties. And these air cookie cutter homes. They're not luxury homes, not Airbnb s. Not short term rentals there. Cookie cutter, Less than 3000 square feet. Less than $150,000. Um, you know, cookie cutter. Those are the most popular types of homes. It seems like it's a more long term plan. And that's what it seems like. You're going for yourself, too. It is absolutely a long term plan. I got started when I bought my first property when I was 28 years old, with the intention of taking out 30 year fixed rate mortgages, so that by the time I was 58 I wasn't even married When I got started, I wasn't even engaged when I bought my first property. But the the intention was okay, if I do end up marrying this person, which I did, if I end up having Children under which we have had so far, maybe there's more to come. We'll see. Um, but the idea was okay. Well, 30 years later, my tenant is paying the mortgage and I'm making extra money. And when it's paid off. If I I mean, I'm basically collecting. I could quit Chris. Me, I could quit whatever. And just my own 20 properties. And I'm making 1000 bucks per property. I mean, you do the math of how much I'm making per month. Right on. My goal is to the own way, more than 20 properties in a matter of 30 years. In fact, I would say that number should be closer to 200 properties within 30 years And going back to mindset. I don't have this mind because you ask, you know, how did you become like this? How did you What was it to drive? My mindset was it's not Oh, you know, I want 20 properties and I'm gonna retire. It's okay. We got up to 20. Now. We need to get upto 40. Okay, We got up to 40. Now. We need to get up to 100 it's just constantly be working, working, working, and just get up to that level. Get up. There is no stopping you. Just keep growing. Keep growing. Keep growing. I have a lot of friends were like, Oh, you know, I just need 20 and I'm good. You know, I'm done, but that's not my mentality. It's just kind of killer instinct of just more, more, more. Keep going and it's It could be common. But from my perspective, it's rare. Toe have a mindset like that, right? Thio have that drive, especially from being young and even you having it when you were younger. Do you have any tip for people who are getting into work? Maybe considering the apprenticeship class that you took and then switching some of the careers that you said that you've been in people that have switched jobs or people get into positions? Do you have a tip for them? My tip is Number one. Listen to podcasts like this. There's so much free stuff. I will talk. I told you. I'll give you my book. 50 shades of marketing for free on Amazon. They're always go to the free book section. You'll see lots of free stuff, soak up information, listen to podcasts, listen to audio books and the one book there I should say there. I mentioned some of these books already, but if there two or three books that you absolutely should read, read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey Those two books will change your life. Take notes on them, highlight them, think about them in your sleep. Read them everyday, subscribed into their free newsletters on the Internet. Just go online to their websites. They probably have a free newsletter. Maybe they have podcast. Soak those in, let them become a part of your life. Let them do that and they will change. It will change your daily practice, your daily mood, your routines, your relationships with...

...friends, your business, your work ethic. It'll just improve you so, so much. Do you find there's a lot of people maybe around you that have the same mentality It Maybe you intentionally hang out with them. But are you finding that or is it? Is it the opposite? It's kind of the opposite, and that's one of the things that could be pretty lonely being an entree burner because you find yourself alone. Other people, they go into offices, they work full time jobs or being they're used to being told what to do. They have a stable paycheck coming in every two weeks. It's It's very it could get very lonely. But you find your niche, you find your crowd. So I found those people. I mean tens of people, not necessarily where I live, but around the world, who share that same vision in that same passion and mentality that I do. And most of them are older, actually, quite frankly, people my age. It was a little difficult because when I got started, I was 24 years old. Most people are 24 years old. They're either unemployed or they are working some entry level job. So I had to grow up pretty quickly and learn how to become friends with 50 year old 60 year olds knowing that you're busy and you could probably be, ah, lot more busier if you wanted to be. But you might have some discipline, but also that you have a young child. How are you keeping your work life choices in check and what do you do? What is your preferred way of balancing? However, that looks well. This this is taken directly from the seven habits of highly effective people, therefore, areas that I try to implement everyday number one is my mental health, and that is simply exercising my brain. That's reading. I spent about 30 minutes a day read at least 30 minutes a day, reading good, valuable value. Add material, not the nonsense that you see on the news that's just going to try to hit your emotions, you know? Do you? I know of people who do this. Do you pick a bunch of books and read them however you like, or do you go through one at a time? I want one out of time, definitely. Whether it's movies, TV shows, books went out of time. In fact, I do. My work went out of time. One email out of time, one project at a time. That's how we operate. So that Z, that's one. It's also being mentally acute is play a lot of chess. I try to exercise my brain through ah, different ways. Number two is spiritually so I am religious, but you don't have to be religious to be spiritually spirituality. To me, simply is being thankful and giving. Thanks. I wake up every morning giving thanks. I go to that every night being thankful, giving thanks. So, um and then Like I said, I am religious. I go to the temple every Sunday. Number three is physical. This is to me this has been especially during this pandemic. It's been so important taking my vitamins, running, doing cardio, playing tennis every day, every day I do something physical. I might take a day off. Heard when you have a baby. Yeah, More challenging. Yeah, You know, sometimes it Z that's where you have to get creative. And, you know, I started doing kettlebells with my son, using him as a kettle bell. He loves it, you know? Oh, yeah. You know, I'll do push ups. Sometimes I'll do a lot of sit ups. I'll put him on my, uh, stomach and try to do some sit ups with him s Oh, yeah, you have to get creative. And he enjoyed that. He has a fun, you know, It's it's it's fun to do all that. Um And then also we have a lot of help. My wife works half the year, and then my my in laws help out a lot, so that's that's certainly a big help. But then that that's a physical side of it. And then the emotional side is. Look, all four of these air incredibly important. They're all equal. Equally important with the emotional side is getting rid of bad people from your life, people who bring you down, People who take away from your mind, people who who affect your thinking. You just get rid of them. Just get rid of it's a hard thing to do it, especially if you're young. It's very because you want everyone to like you. And you know you care so much about who you are and you know the way the world views you. But emotional intelligence comes from your ability to Onley that people into your life who add value to it, who make you happy. And so, um, you combine these four areas put into one, you will find that your time is will be managed much more effectively. Your life is going to change for the better nourish. You said that you were fired from you said several jobs or whatever. Is there a mistake that you made along the way that you learned from the most something that you bring forward with you, especially in your new ventures in real estate? Well, there several lessons that I learned about being fired, and that was what I'm not cut out to do and what not to dio. So one of the things I learned is that I'm not a corporate guy. I'm not a guy who's going to go into a...

...cubicle on slice and dice itself spreadsheets all day. That's that's just I hire. We have people at our company who do that. I hire people to do that. I don't do it. That's not who I am. And so I worked a job doing that, and I found out okay, that's on who I am. I'm not somebody. Um, what I learned is, uh, it's not proper. It's not good to bring in anything emotional, anything opinionated into a corporate job, running my own business. Look, it comes a lot of benefits. I can pretty much do whatever I want to say. Whatever I want. With zero repercussions, that is a huge, huge amount of freedom that most people aspire toe accomplish. And I think that's part of the reason why people wonder why the former president of the United States, Mr Trump, you know, why does he talk like that? How can he talk like that? People are so politically correct and the reason is pretty simple. It's because that man had his own businesses and for decades and decades, um, he this this level of freedom that he had hey, had something that so many people try, you know, they just hope to attain one day on DSO. I'm not saying I'm at that level. I'm not saying that by any means, but going back to the whole age thing. And, you know, is it hard to find people who are similar who have similar interests, similar ideas? Um, that's where I am a little bit different because almost everyone around me, they have to be careful about what they post on their Facebook what they say in public, uh, keeping their opinions to themselves. And I learned working in corporate. You can't do that. You cannot do that. I was just on a political podcast earlier today, and we talked about this topic and I said, Look, if I was working at the company I was working at eight years ago, I wouldn't be on here. There's no way I could get fired. Eso been setting up arrangements with people and asking a couple of people if they like to come on and they have to ask permission, released letter. And not only that, I've had some people, some recent, that if you speak with, um, they're speaking the jargon of the times and like it's it's like there's a checklist of words you have to say nowadays in order to I don't know, be relevant or what have you. But I'm like, really, is this Is this happening in order to be boring in order to be boring and unoriginal and look, the my company takes a personality of me. Any company is going to take the personality of its founder, and that's not my philosophy. Even when I was growing up, I said, I don't understand why people are always coloring inside the lines. Why there? Um you know, like, you gotta you gotta think for yourself. You got to do your own thing. You've got to be innovative. You've got to be creative. And that's one of the problems with the bulk of the world over 99% of the world. They're part of the sheep, and I'm not a part of that. And if you're not a part of the sheet. It should be stressed, though to it Just because you brought up Trump and it's not anything for against him. But it just doesn't mean because you have the freedom to do what you want. Then your jerk right that z what people feel like that's the opposite of, you know, speaking your mind like, Oh, well, if you're going to speak your mind, then you're not a nice person because you're not living according to everyone else. I don't think that's what you're saying, and I don't That's certainly not what I believe, but at least you have the freedom. Just be a jerk if you wanted to be without all the repercussions in this sort of cancel culture world that we live in, Well, look regarding, you bring up a good point, and that is whether it's freedom or its money. All it's going to do is to amplify what you already are. So if you're a good person, e hate using. I hate using that term. We're all good people, right? But if you're a person like you said, if you're a jerk, um, before you have the freedom and the money, and then you get the freedom and the money. Well, guess what? You're gonna be huge if you're if you're a very compassionate person. Before you made all the money and I got all the freedom, Well, you're gonna be coming even even more of a compassionate nice person after you do that. So I don't think people just get a bunch of freedom and money and then they're like, Okay, it's time to be a jerk. No, I don't think it. It works that way. But there is a certain amount of of envy that people see when they even the jerks. And they're like, man, you know, he really had to or she had to do something to get up to that level. So where they're just going around being jerks to everybody, you know? Um and so that's where that's where the story, that's what your podcasts it seems all about. It's that story. It's funny. I hike up a mountain here. In the last few days, I've met the same...

...couple in the lady and I'm mentioned in Korea, and she her husband asked me directions, and I'm like, I'm wiggle can indeed I'm a foreigner and old, but his wife spoke English. So she's like, Oh, hi, where you from? She was so happy. And then I've seen them three times since. And the last time I saw him, she's like, Oh, well, Biden's president and you know, Trump's out. What do you think of that? Um, I'm running here and I was like, running down the mountain. But I'm like, Well, you know, I don't think he did such a bad job. You know, I might not have him over for dinner, necessarily. If we were having, like, a very polite conversation about things, maybe I would maybe I wouldn't, but I think seems like a bar type of guy. I get drinks with him at the club. I think I think he did all right. I mean, history might show that his job was well, should he have been tweeting as much or speaking as much as he didn't. Maybe, Maybe not. I'm not sure. It's really, really you think so? We think it's horrible. I go, Why was he horrible? Because he said, Oh, yes, about all those women I go. If I was, if I was a billionaire and I was this guy, maybe I would be the same thing. I go. You probably be the same way, too. And we probably think a lot of the same things. But it's so much easier to pay pointer fingers and say, Look how bad he is without looking at her own hearts. And she really quickly went, Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right in my heart, I'm the same. I'm like You're right when we realize we're pretty much the same as these people. And if we were in these people's shoes, we would be, if not the same worse. So with these people are put on pedestals. That's why Hollywood actors and actresses are idolize. That's why people watch all these TV shows and award shows. It's because these people are idolized. They're put on pedestals. And if you're gonna be it, if that's if you attain that status, the criticism comes with it. No matter who you are, whether you're Joe Biden or your Trump or you're the Mother Teresa, I mean you can read about all her criticisms. She's supposed to be one of the nice people in the Dalai Lama. Same thing. So, Jesus, I mean, Jesus was like the greatest man ever in human history. And they killed him and they killed him. Martin Luther King, one of the greatest African Americans, And they killed him. Gandhi, one of the fathers of my country, one of the greatest men. Not only did they kill him, but they just took down his statues in a couple of places around the world. Way would be nice. Be nice. And then when you're nice, they kill you. OK, you said following the sheep I saw a little comic strip, whatever it was theirs. E don't know if they're black sheep, But the voice was saying, You guys were going the wrong way and all the sheep were going off the edge of the cliff. Oh, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Their falling over the edge. Well, speaking of black sheep, I just found out today this is random. But I was watching one of those baby YouTube singalong videos. I wasn't watching it. I was just doing work and listening. And baa baa black sheep came on and it's now called Bah bah bah sheep. They changed it because black sheep is racist. So there's no more black sheep. That's, uh I don't have a nursery rhyme book. I have students. I sing it to almost every other day. Really? Yeah, it's now, Baba, if you're in the United States and you say baa baa black sheep, you could have some. Ah, some cultural Marxist coming after you saying that you should get fired from your job. So just just f y I I don't know what to think of that. What about the black sheep? They're gone. They've gone down the memory hole. Swans. I think that's okay. I I just learned. I mean, thanks to my son. I just learned about this black cheap thing today. So, in fact, he's gonna grow up not even knowing that black sheep existed. So no, because we have the freedom to know these things and to do with them as we will. That's how we'll raise our Children, right? And I think it z being aware of what's going on, but understanding if there's actually any logic behind it, right? And maybe I need to look into the song before I comment on, Like if the the authors intention was to alienate a whole race of people, then I may have to really consider. But if it was just a song about wolf or something that I think I might not jump on that bad bandwagon, Yeah,...

I'm with you, I'm with you on that. But hey, this is changing times. There's a lot that's changing in a matter of the past couple of weeks. In the past year, there's been a lot that's changed. The one thing I don't get and this is a little bit off topic. But it's still regarded work because in the end it's gonna affect our work. Depending on how we react is living in Korea, right? Are living in any other country, Canada Being from Canada in North America. These sort of this is a race issue, our magnifying to the point where they're not so magnified in these other countries. Thio, I think like in Korea, I'm a foreigner, and any time I go somewhere, I'm like 0.1 of the sample population there and I don't expect to like, Why don't I have certain representation? Why, why? Why is there not? This is really rapid troll trail, But why am I not allowed to be in government? Why am I not, I don't have that because it's it's not my culture. This is This is not my culture and in other cultures. But we're can in the United States kind of mesh everything together, which is perfectly fine. But then there's an expectation that or even a purported idea that at it gets me. It just it rubs me the wrong way. How it's can't United States is the best and biggest place. Love it, wonderful. Canada is great, but it's like this is the jumping point for how the rest of the world feels. I don't think the rest of the world feels the same way. And it's not like if we talk about racism or something. Like Korea, for instance, Korea and history had a problem with Japan. They generally strongly dislike Japan, right? It's it's it's a it's a cultural thing, but there's a lot of people that don't so we can't say I don't know. You might have other examples of how this Yeah, it just makes it very hard to live. If you have to stay inside the borders because you don't know when you're crossing them, your your freedom is being taken and I think it's It's not doing service to people Thio to be able to make mistakes, like even if what I'm saying right now. I saw a lady the other day. She had 25 million followers and I got to interview her mom and I didn't know her mom was her mom. I didn't know her daughter was the daughter. I had no idea of a connection. I didn't know about the girl until I met the mom. But just this year, some videos came out where she she She painted her face a little, too. She was she is a Caucasian and she was representing a famous singer who happens to be African American, and she just put makeup on. And then that was considered Black Face. And the other thing was, she did something, a song which was, in my opinion, from my religious views. They're a little crass, right, like little crude. But her joke was a joke, and there was a third one that she did something that I can't remember. But she had to can't. She decided to whatever cancer whole whole channel. So she's now off the Internet. She had 25 million She had lots of money, lots of sponsors, and she canceled it because of those things. But then I find there's other sides of coins that air perfectly fine. So there's more of, like a hypocrisy that's going on with with this cancel culture sort of thing. And while as we said, very nice people are getting killed. And I think some people are allowed the freedom to say what they want and do what they want while other people are not. And I just don't think I think it's a little hypocritical and a lot of things are allowed to be said while other things aren't. And I think if you put one versus the other, it doesn't make any sense at all. Look, you bring up and yeah, this is a little off topic, but it's important. A friend of mine, he spent his entire life making this movie, and the movie came out and it's It's a it's a little debatable, but look, it's a movie. It's a fiction movie, okay? It's fiction. There's there's no pornography or anything like that, and it's about a man who marries his dog or like he's trying to marry his dog. All right, now, do I like dogs? No, I don't. I don't like pets. I didn't grow up around them. They shed everywhere and they drool. And I don't like That's okay, but and I get a lot of flak from people you don't...

...like dogs. How could you not like dogs? They're the sweetest things in the world and this and that. You know, you're not a good person for not liking dog. But this man made a movie about a man who loves his dog and wants to marry his dog. Okay. And to me, it's okay. It's creative idea. It's fiction. It's a movie. You make it. And if the market if there's a market for it, if people wanna watch I actually wanna watch it. Just because it z interesting. I don't agree. And like I said, I would never want to marry a dog. I don't like dogs, but, you know, I watch a movie. Sounds interesting. Well, it got canceled, canceled, meaning at a film festival was supposed to be in. They removed it. And then they outed this guy as a homophobe because he e mean the underlying theme apparently is He's trying to equate it to gay marriage. You know something, but look, I don't even know. The point is watch the movie and make that make that opinion form that appear opinion for yourself. And if you want to, if you hate it, if you think it's homophobic or whatever, you can write a bad review about it and let the free market work itself out. But by suppressing it all together and saying this is not allowed to come out, I got problems with that. I don't agree with the politics. I don't agree with the, you know, with marrying a dog or like in a dog. I don't agree with the ideology, but I do believe that everybody, the First Amendment is very clear, and this does not violate any First Amendment terms. And so let the movie cover. I'm upset that this man who put his life into this movie even one a film festival like best audience film or something. I'm upset that now his movie is probably never going to see any screen night of day. That's what this girl I Onley saw her apology video, and I'm sure I wouldn't subscribe, and I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy any of her videos. The things that she said we're like, I wouldn't probably wouldn't show my kids. Yeah, but But let her let her speak. Do you know, like I watched Netflix and I've been watching comedy? I have a new increase interest in comedy, and some of the stuff that set on there is pretty outlandish. And for someone to be canceled because of and it, you know, those pedestals if someone, I mean there is some canceling of comedians and hushing up of comedians, but there's others that are out there that they get away with, Ah, lot. And then for someone else not to be allowed to say something else just because of whatever it is, it just It just rubs the wrong way. And I think it's it's unfair to that poor girl, right? And I don't support her. I don't I've never watched any of her videos, but I know from the clips that she showed in her apology, really You you're canceled for this. Like what about all the other people saying all these other things about I got canceled last year? 2020 was a very politically charged here and, uh, talking about reaching that level of for freedom. I got canceled because I went on a webinar speaking alongside the senator of Mississippi, and I shared with her my concerns with Marxism and Democratic, cultural Marxism and the future and how much the future will change as far as the end of grammar. The beginning of newspeak, which were already seeing Rutgers University. They got rid of the amended, their English grammar courses. I mean, how do you amend English grammar that like that? How do you do? Canceling math? I mean, there's a school that on now more schools are getting rid already, the S A T is gone, and they want to cancel math. Because math is apparently racist. It's discriminatory. Not everybody is able to do it, getting rid of grades because grades are racist and discriminatory. To me, this is This is all part of cultural Marxism to create ah, pro proletariat society of just nothing but proletariat, proletariat, and you're you're good. You can articulate what I was trying to say at the beginning because this is not happening in Korea right there. There's other things happening in other countries that are not good, but this sort of canceled like I'm an E s l teacher. How do I explain this to my students that pronouns don't work here anymore? We can't use them. How? Congress just did that. Congress just passed a rule saying during the house meetings, you are not allowed to call people by him or her or mother or father or dad or mom or grandfather. Grandmother, daughters. Son, you're not allowed to do that. It was in there the first session of the year. This was on the form. It said, and they voted and it passed. So they're not. I am. No, I am not a father. I am not a husband. I am not a man. I am a person.

I am a spouse. If this was a good thing, I would beyond would be on board, right? Like if it was a good thing. Okay, there's people walking around poking themselves, uh, in the eye with needles. Okay. They're just doing it. I don't know what they're doing, but they just keep doing. And to some degree, we could even let them do that. But just say that there's something going on. Okay? I can agree we could get people to stop poking themselves in the needle in the eye with needles. But this sort of myopic bubble that North America has itself in and trying to create I really don't believe is going on around the world. People have their own problems, their own issues ridiculous. And to go down this path e think it's just dangerous. I think it is very dangerous. And I know there are people who actually walk around. And if you call them, ah, woman or a girl, Um, then that's the end. That's I mean, you you are attacked as being some kind of, ah, sexist or something else. You know, I don't even know what the proper term is now, uh, it can't be a sexist because there's no sexist. Yeah, well, that's the other thing, because, I mean, I was at I was somewhere when I was at a clinic one day and ah, a woman went up to the secretary ins that my sex isn't on here, and the woman was like, Oh, you know, sorry about that. Just create another line and put in but your Texas. And she was very upset. She was like you guys need to be more, you know, in tune with things you know there is. There is there are more There are tens of sex is and I'm listening to this and I'm like, How the heck does any like I consider myself to be pretty educated? But I can't even tell you how many sex is there are now because I know for damn sure there aren't too well and going back to danger, right? I think it's dangerous because there's other unfortunately, like you mentioned religion and I'm a Christian, and I just think that if you allow your borders your country too disintegrate, there's going to be some other country that is going to just sit back and watch until you implode yourself. And then something's going to happen, whatever that is. And I'm not. I'm not worried. I'm like, Okay, I'll take it all. I don't need this world as it is. That's fine. I'll do my work, but there's going to be a country that's going to say okay, now they're weak enough that we could just walk right in there and take it all over. Well, I I think I think there are. Those countries are a part of the there part of the offense. They're heavily involved right now, and they're helping out helping out. And they they're absolutely responsible, whether it's a virus, this pandemic, whether it's the cultural Marxism. In fact, the KGB there was a KGB, um, the head of the KGB, and I want to say the early nineties was on 60 minutes, and I don't know why he did the interview. But he said, Straight up, He said, The way that you destroy another country is not through warfare. It's by attacking their education systems and and brainwashing the Children. I think I saw that interview. However, that was presented not long ago. Yeah, yeah, and you're brainwashed them so that when they become adults, they're trained. Thio essentially be communists. Didn't Hitler say something like that? You may be propaganda, propaganda. Start with the youth, and that's what's happening with the genders. I mean, I just What was my son's birthday last week? And somebody gifted as a book in the book, uh, has no gender in it. There is no gender in the book, and, you know, actually, I was like, That's pretty cool you know, it's I'm not gonna can I'm not gonna burn, though. I don't believe in cancer. E read the book to my son. I showed him the pictures. Um, you know, I showed it to my parents and interesting book, but overall, look, going back, I got canceled because I was what I'm saying right now, I said alongside the senator of Mississippi, Cindy Hyde Smith, and immediately within two or three days, the radical left came after me and published. They dug into my background, tried to find the worst stuff that you could probably find, which was nothing. I mean, it was embarrassing what they were able to dig up, that I worked for a company that was in a lawsuit. That's what he worked for. A key was the director at a company that was sued by the government. Oh, to be fair, e no. Everyone, every nature be fair. However, it is left or right. I think there's lots of people that just want things to be right. They...

...want things to be good. They want it is, especially when it doesn't normally always work. It doesn't work out that way, but they they want things to be good. So I think there's some, you know, that this saying of good intentions, right? People, Ah, lot of people on whatever side of the island. They have good intentions. They want, you know, there's people that might not even agreed to what people think, but they're going to allow them Thio, speak their mind toe, have whatever they want, and and they just wanna be loving and caring, right? There's people out there that no matter what side oven I'll like. I'm Canadian. So we don't have Republican Democrat in that sense or specifically, and how the United States does. But for people, they just wanna love one another. And so, in order to love one another, you have to accept everything. Well, I like the premise of loving everyone, but I don't know if we can accept everything because it doesn't work and it usually it doesn't really work. People was very tolerant of their own views, but not tolerant of other people's. And and that makes for the inconsistent inconsistency and hypocrisy that we see every day. Yeah, no, I completely agree with you and I'm going to continue to fight this good fight And on the one hand, I was like, You know, if society can dumbed down and this concept of newspeak and getting rid of grammar and getting rid of math and memory holing and it sounds terrible. But then it's like, Well, if you're someone like me, you know, I'm not gonna raise my kid like that. So we're at an advantage because I'm not a part of the sheep, right? So But then at the same time, you don't want society to go down like, you know, it's a funny thing. The funny thing you mentioned sheep, And when I started this part, I said about the sheep. But to think that the black sheep was the good sheeps just saying not don't go where all you other sheep are going right. It's not always used in a negative. And eso it's funny because I remember okay, this she piss standing its ground and well, everyone just stop. But all these white cheaper going over the edge like man, he doesn't know what he's talking about. But now I better call them Animator. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it is what it is. Man. It's been good coming on this show Great, great conversation. What about character for you in in industry? What? What is a top character trait that you find is most important? I mean, we're talking about character. To me, the most important thing is transparency and transparency. I can't stand the snake oil salesman who are really nice to someone who just comes up to you and starts being really nice. And to me, it's not really You can't be nice 100% of the time. Just be yourself. Just be a regular person and share the commentary. Don't be a freaking robot. Um, I can't stand people who are like that, and they don't do very well over the long calls, so just be genuine. I think that's the most important thing. If if being genuine means that you're like you said earlier, I don't remember the term he was an asshole or a jerk, I think. Jerk, Jerk, jerk. Yeah, yeah. If if then hey, at least your genuine about it, You know, don't Don't be someone who you're not. I don't have a couple more questions. I don't know if you have a baby emergency or anything like that, but what is it a goal that you have for your company. No overarching goal. Far as my my real estate company goes, my goal is to double the number of properties we have within the next two years. It's a it's a pretty good goal. Be good to be on your team. Norris. Is there anything people may not understand about you so they can have a better appreciation of the work that you're accomplishing? That's for other people toe to decide for themselves. I can't speak for them, but I keep bringing this analogy of the sheep back, and I just want people to know. I don't think I'm a part of the sheep. Maybe I am. But I've been told that I'm not. So, uh, if there's a misunderstanding, it shows. Just look, I'm understand I'm not a member of the herd is in my final major question about adversity. Have you faced any adversity in your life where you can encourage other people in the university that they face? Absolutely. You're going to face adversity throughout your life. I faced it e mean, whether it's in school, not doing well in school or personal problems, family issues, health issues marital issues, child issues. You're going to face adversity. It's there's no if you're not gonna face if you if you don't face any adversity. Congratulations, because it's gonna be coming soon. So when you do face it, just understand this is all a part of life and keep going. Keep going. Resiliency is such an important part of success. Don't be someone who just walks away who fails and says, I quit. You want to be resilient and you want to come back even stronger. Nourish. How can people reach you? Race visa dot com Get on my mailing list will be glad...

...to send you a free copy of my book. 50 Shades of Marketing Go on Amazon type in my name. Norris Visa couldn't see all the books available there and also my company's website. Christian media marketing dot com k R I s H two media marketing dot com. There is one final question for you. Why do you work? I work because it's a part of who I am. I believe that, uh, number one. I enjoy it. It's a lot of fun, but I also believe that I have a duty to society to continue to work to create value, to employ people, to put money not just in my pocket, but in other people's pockets as well and improve their lives. Reach Visa CEO, founder of Krish Media and Marketing. Thank you for your time. And I appreciate the work that you dio Brian, Thank you so much. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for listening to this episode of why we work with Brian V. Be sure to subscribe, Follow and share with others so they too can be encouraged in their work. E hope that you have yourself a productive be a joyful day in your work.

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