WhyWeWork BrianVee
WhyWeWork BrianVee

Episode 16 · 2 years ago

#14 Lesa Deal Chisholm The Nurse and Administrator


Lesa Deal Chisholm describes her life in work and how it was predicated on the foundation set by her family. Her motivation led her to work as a nurse for 19 years and then move into an administrator role within the liver and kidney transplant division of her hospital in Canada, where she presently works and enjoys.

This is Brian V at. Why we were welcome to why we wonderful. Your host is Bryan family member. As he said, he still people like you from all over the world as we together. Well, I was going to stay. He born to our motivations. You're right, struggles, I have joys. said that seemingly my steps. Yes, hopeful. Good morning to you and and the becase you. Maybe I should be an encouragement to us all. Happy to get up, get going. Thank you for take on working, working, stop here talk about working. Would you be able to give us down here is your host or to why we were started? Brian Bean. So I threw up to the fidel black scoop stuff and sorry, sorry, this is this is. Did you there's no shout out to sack fall, or is it just outside effect, just inside of Hellifax, lower sack, lower sack will we got to give a shout out to Laura...

...sack fall? We can't. People always ask like where are you from? I ain't from Halifax, I'm from lower sack full. exactful. You are born and raised for your race or that you know, but raised and sackful, so bedroom community growing up my parents. You know, it was important to make a little bit of your own money. I would have started babysitting before when I was young, and also did a ball hockey timekeeper for a while. Oh, when it did turn sixteen, I was lucky enough to get a job with the Department of Highways for sorry. So why did? Why did you start like babysitting? At what age were you then? Oh, probably I would have been probably to maybe twelve, thirteen. But See, I would have been babysitting my younger cousins. Yeah, and I'll count. Yeah, and how did you go? All Hockey? What was? What was? My Dad had a good friend and he organized a ball hockey...

...league and sackful, and so when they first started it out, the first year, I went and did the time clock for them. Where was this? I was? This was at the old Rinkin sackful. Okay, I was absolutely terrified because Summer League of sorts. Yes, yeah, didn't really know any of the guys. Actually, Sean may have been there himself. I don't even know now. And that you found your husband yet. But that's how I got that job.

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