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WhyWeWork BrianVee

Episode 16 · 1 year ago

#14 Lesa Deal Chisholm The Nurse and Administrator


Lesa Deal Chisholm describes her life in work and how it was predicated on the foundation set by her family. Her motivation led her to work as a nurse for 19 years and then move into an administrator role within the liver and kidney transplant division of her hospital in Canada, where she presently works and enjoys.

This is Brie via why we were why we oneNPNNMEMBER, as he said, e like you from Alver the world, as we togetheri wasGOINGTO, TAK lbore to her motivatonali struggle. I hadalways that t seemingmade myheadai morning vew Ane razy. Maybe I shouldfen encouragement to us all having to get up and get going thankin her takeon workingnow here's your house why we were Startin R, not Ryind Vainso. Igrew myoa Poe beyond againrdid. You there's no shout out to sackfall, or isit just outside in Otax to somside of Hellipax, lower sack in the lower sack?Well, we got to give a shot ou to lower...

...sack fall. We cant people always asklike. Where are you from I ain't from Aefax, I'm from lower sachfall or saxalyou or and raised before you, Wei or oack you kN W, but raised in Cacrel, so um bedroom community Um growing up myparents? You know it was important to to make a little bit of your own money.I would have started baby sitting Um when I was young and also did a ballhockey timekeeper for a while. Oh, when it did turn sixteen Um, I waslucky enough to get a job with the Department of Highways Tesorn. So whydid? Why? Did you start like babysitting at what age were you then? Oh probably, I would have been probablytwo, maybe twelve thirteen but see I would have been babysitting. My youngercousins, yea yeah Y H, it alt counts yeah, and how did you Gee all hockeywasmy dad had a good friend and he...

...organized o all hockey, league andsackful, and so when they first started out the first year Um I went and didthe time clock for them. Where was Iwas. This was at the old Rinkan sackfolwoker. I was absolutely terrified. Likh a summer league of sorts, yes Y,didn't really know any of the guys. Actually, Sean Mad have been therehimself. I don't even know now when the BEFAD, your husband Erelut, that's howI got that job Um.

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