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Episode 111 · 7 months ago

#111 Laura Gariepy - Freelancer Coach & Content Writer - BrianVee WhyWeWork


Laura Gariepy is a freelance coach and content writer who not only has skills in writing, but also the ability to bring out the best in you, if you would like to become a freelancer yourself.

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"I’m a highly-praised content writer for businesses and publication editors. I’m also a passionate business coach to aspiring freelancers.

About My Writing
I know first hand that running a business can be overwhelming! There's never enough time to do everything and creating content often falls by the wayside.

The problem is - every business needs content like blog posts and newsletters to continuously connect with their customers. But how do busy entrepreneurs put out consistent and compelling messaging without creating a clone of themselves? That's how I can help.

Using a consultative approach, I offer custom written content solutions to busy business owners. That means they can engage with their market and be less stressed.

If you're feeling panicky just thinking about your next blog post or newsletter, email me today: laura@everydaybythelake.com

About My Coaching
I launched Every Day by the Lake, LLC in 2018 because my traditional 9-5 job wasn’t allowing me to show up the way I needed for my family - and for myself.

Since then, my freelance business:
-replaced my previous office job salary
-gives me significantly more freedom and professional satisfaction
-allows me to prioritize my life over my work

In fact, my freelance business allowed me to step away for several months when my father passed away. And it was there for me when I was ready to return.

I know that freelancing or self-employment isn’t for everyone. But, it can absolutely work for more people than you’d think. And it may be just what you need so you can be more present in your own life.

Making this move can be scary and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ll help you:
-Get your personal finances in order so that your bases are covered
-Land your first clients - without cold pitching
-Reframe your mindset when it comes to money, work, and business
-Coordinate the rest of your busy life around your new freelance business

If you’re thinking about making the leap, contact me today: laura@everydaybythelake.com

To learn more, visit: www.beforeyougofreelance.com" (LinkedIn)

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