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"Tourism entrepreneur, boutique heritage hotel owner & tour operator across various regions of India and Bhutan. Own horse for safaris & polo & AC tents for leading safaris on various routes in the State of Rajasthan - India. Conduct 12,15 & 17 day Grand Heritage Tours of India covering several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With wife organize royal weddings in the fabulous forts, castles and palaces of Rajasthan, India. Invite also people from the gay & lesbian communities for celebrating their weddings, honeymoons and other happy occasions in their lives.

My guests generally stay in family-owned heritage properties where in the evenings folk music and dances are organized. Bar-be-cue & dinners on the hotel roof-tops or by the pool side.

I co-own the award-winning boutique heritage hotel Mahal Khandela in Jaipur - India Co-chairman hospitality & tourism committee of PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry Co-chairman arts & crafts committee of PHD CCI - India's 103-year-old industry organization with 120000 membership of companies & professionals. I have been designated as Brand Ambassador of African Tourism by African Tourism Board, Pretoria, SA. I am a founding member of World Tourism Network,

We offer unique voluntary tourism programmes of 7- 15 for students, professionals and corporate executives where they have an in-depth experience of culture, history, literature, traditions, legends ,cuisine, family life of the locals. The interaction with the hosts and the volunteers is as equals.

Please contact me at : info@indiaheritageandculturetours.com

Assure all visitors an unforgettable India experience." (Linkedin, 2020)

...welcome to why we work with your host Brian V. As he speaks to people like you from all over the world as we together dive deeper into our motivations, struggles, joys, seemingly missteps, hopes, warnings and advice which will be an encouragement to us all to get up, get going on and keep on working. Working is tough, but working is good. Now here's your host to why we work. Brian V. I'm Brian V. And this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure speaking with KV Sing Cavey is in the tourism and hospitality industry. He's been so for three decades. He owns and co owns a resort and hotel. He does tours all throughout India and Baton. Today. I want to find out why he got into tourism and how much he enjoys serving others. Join me in my conversation with KV Singh. I'm Brian V, and this is why we work today. I had the great pleasure of speaking with kv sing. Good evening, young man. Thank you. Thank you, Katie, for coming on. I was just You and I were just talking that we met through linked linked in and you were advertising a company that you work for in tourism. Can you give me a little a little rundown of who you are and what you do? Okay, right. It all began in the year 1955. You're gonna say you're going to start in 1955. How about how about we start in 2020? What you're doing, and then I'll bring you back to 1955. How about that? That's fine. That's fine. This this year has bean, you know, quite bad from the from the business point off view. Coronavirus. Yes. Way. Go back to the year 2019. I have I have planned for my principles across the world. Some of the best companies in the world they are doing my They are booking my tools that 6 60 plus across every vision off India. Yes, we have such diversity. Amazing diversity. We have the mountains, the Himalaya Mountains. We have We have the legs, we have the oceans. We have a wonderful wildlife. So the tools that I am doing are from three days to 16 days towards Yeah, and yes, and the measure. Um maybe emphasis so far has bean on heritage and and cultural and experiences that combine not only the monuments but the people, the tribal life, the areas where they are the inhabitants where they live alive. But mind you, my my approach to tourism is that way. Do do not spoil their destinations. We go toe. So I'm happy with solo travelers with a partner and in small groups on and try to give back to the locals what they deserve in terms off handicrafts that they make indigenous and the local guides everything that they must. All the stakeholders are able to benefit from what we d o and we are very conscious that all there any products that the customers by are not the products in which child labor has been used besides that and there is a lot off trafficking and pedophile federalism. But that is something that we are very concerned. It is very, very much prevalent in countries like Thailand and Bank Hong. Here we take that we don't Our customers are not those who have these kinds off, you know, preferences. So you're trying t o. So we have no problem at all encased. In fact, I encourage people with different sexual...

...orientation. I get many people even forgetting marriage. Yeah, and men, women reorganize for them actual wedding or if they want to do it, have a mock wedding. Then we organized in the palaces, castles and and have a lease. I want to emphasize on the point that I belong toe a former royal family. My great grandfather was the Raja off a place called Canela, which is about 90 kilometers from Chapel 1954. Before these princely states were abolished, we were holding revenue and other, uh, other rights over 120 villages. And from there our clan, our the former old families. We have 23 palaces, folks, castles and Holly's abilities are and Mazen off the merchants in which a great, uh, colored mirror and and fresco work has been done. They are absolutely beautiful and especially my customers from countries such as Spain, France, Italy really love to stay in these palaces because they have seen five star hotels with glass and concrete everywhere in the world. But the kind off ambience or the kind off character these palaces and have a lease have is something which they are very much thrilled about. And more than that, they operated their owned and operated by the families themselves. So in the evening, there's somebody from the families toe for them to set chat, maybe over drink and reorganized barbecue and all these things. So they really enjoy staying in this 21. I can count about 21 off such properties, some as well as 450 years now. They have been re maintained. They have retained their traditional character and the old type. And there has been a great revival off the cuisine that the drinks that they were used to brew for their customers. I was in 18th, 17th century, 17th centuries. So we have continued toe draw on on those, uh, traditions off food and cuisine. And also, uh, we have been ableto revive the focusing folk culture and and traditions. For example, preparatory was was a great way off entertaining people that was almost losing its well. Sorry. What was that? Did you What did you say? What did you what was happened up a tree. Carpentry, puppetry, making a eso actually my state of Rajasthan. There are there are many families who are totally devoted toe making beautiful puppets and working among them on the on the strings. They're great light. Then we have been able to revive the folk music and folk dances rich we're lost, which were, and the families that have in this particular area off entertainment. We're losing ground toe, other popular music. But now there has been a great revival off folk music, especially the desert. Half of my state is a desert. We have dessert songs and dessert music on other classical music. Besides that, we have very many forms off off classical dances, which have also been revived. Thank thanks to their tourism efforts that we have made in drawing people toe. Appreciate this culture, appreciate another way off life and not be judgmental about the other way off life. And and they're very happy. Uh, those who have come even in a year 2011 reminder. It is almost 10 years. They have continued to to keep context with me on. Now, most of my business is through word of mouth. They said, Go toe, baby, Get in touch with him that you make for you a customized itinerary.

Tender. We're 10 days, 12, 15 days, and this is the kind off the services that we provide and give it a very personal touch with without being intrusive without being intrusive. Way take good, great care off them. Once they land in any particular destination which is Delhi, Bombay or Calcutta. Until they go back, we they great care off them. We ensure that they are constantly in touch with people back home. So what we do if we give them a mobile with Chip? So they can be constantly in touch with people off their own people and and are are sure that everything is hunky Dorry? Mr. Singh can s So what you're saying here is you have a beautiful culture. You have a beautiful landscape to show people. And this is what you're trying to do with your tours. Can you bring us back, though? As I said I was gonna bring you back, Mr Singh, What would have been your very first job? What's the very first thing that you ever did? Maybe, Maybe culturally, it's a little bit different than what I'm used to at the age. But maybe as a teenager, maybe it wasn't until you were twenties, but what was the very first thing that you did Thio, maybe volunteer order, earn some money. I did a lot off voluntary work in the area off equal tourism. That was my first job on an equal farm prairies toe. Maintain horses, cows and blow organic food. How old? How old were you then? How old were you first? Got your first job? 16 years old. Why? Why? Why did you get that? Why did you get that job? What made you do it? I like I like to be on the farm. I like toe. Tell the earth. Yeah. I like todo to smell. They go down? Yeah. Yeah. Firm life. Yeah. So we would Many off the foreigners had not seen, but fellow in their life. Yes, I was with them. How? Your personal family, the buffaloes Oh, the camels, you to take them around on a on a camel car e would make them set behind. So this is how I began because the lovely experience at 16, and then it grew in with full play in business. So I also know that you went off to school and you were getting into banking and stuff like that. So were you. Were you thinking that you wanted a different career? Was there something that you were hoping to do as you got older? What was What was your thinking in that? Yes, my them. In the year 1967. I was around that age age of 16 to 17. Then my father said the right on, we're good in mathematics, you are good. And in these sciences, why didn't you appear for an examination? So I said in in in an examination and got into the result Back off India which is the central bank off the country. Yes, Angels, an associate company off his obey, which is School National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. That off message is charged with creating a sets in the area off the rural economy, especially mhm equal, equal houses on equal products Your valuation toe milk evaluation the processing off vegetables 30% off which go waste. So this is it needs neatly went into my my interest and was also a profession toe make money. Now, at the age of 48 I decided that I would not do any service anymore on it would take to to tourism. So was that Mr Mr Singh? So Mr Singh was Was that a hard decision? Was that...

...a difficult decision to get out of banking and inventory? I was e was bad although it was a security before that Now is the time toe mhm. Take a voluntary retirement. A pension able to diamond and go ahead in tourism. Eso this is recreated special interest to we were pioneers and organizing horse of parties which nobody used to do. Who is Who is we? My father? No, I joined hands with him. He was great Horse rider. In fact, it is he who taught name horse riding? Yes. And then it began as a mm high paying, high value business in terms off the former royal families off Germany, France, Spain There were great horse riders on because off this connection people ableto rather Stan 15, 20 days off Stay here. And on those particular years off, seventies hunting was allowed with with a permission. So these animals like deer and fox at sector uh, hunted. And then we would organize. But thank you. After 20 kilometers off off horse being so you would go out on the horses, go hunting get it, get an animal and then you would barbecue it on the tour we're on on the trail is yes. I would lead the horse safaris. And if we had two groups taking bring roots, then my father would do there the honor off organizing this and leave their it's interesting is very interesting in the sense that what do we do? Wear this every 20 kilometers, right? A day in which we alternate stay within the castles and intended accommodation. There's a jeep that that follows with beer drinks and BBQ material and people toe groom and clean up things. So they go and advanced. A jeep goes in advance and then we follow them. Then we camp at a particular site maybe mostly near a lake on then. That is the place where we pitch our tents. How? How long? How long did you work with your dad? That must have high it. How long did you work with your father? Yeah. My dad died in the year 2014 At the age off, even at the even. At that age, he used to write. He was still writing. Yes. Did you guys stay in business? together that until he exploited in hell. Okay, he expired in 2014. Hey, was a great writer, not only a great writer, he had a great under, and we used to him import horses from New Market. Uh, you know, learned a new market areas for horse breeders. There's a place from where we used to get horses for breeding and then use them. I therefore the so the race is the Maserati horses. They're Marbury horses. They are They are very good to write their very beautiful animals. They have a belt, well chiseled face and very strong legs. They can you confront, you can write them. And they are very mild and easy to handle. Because for their custom, we have customers who are from countries that make great horse writers. I'm talking to you about Argentina. They make great horse riders. Okay, Argentinians, the Italians spend yards. Are you is? Are you breeding horses as well? Or you guys do to you? Yes. Yes, we do breed horses. In fact, among our family, we have about 80 horses. Not all of them are for building purposes...

...beings for ponies and for for polo for playing polo. We have private and government polo grounds in near the airport. Okay, so I know. Also, you're you're also working with your wife. How long have you and your wife been working together? In the tourism industry? We got married in 1977. That's the year I was born. So 43 43 years ago. Yes. Yes, my wife is My wife is a great cook, especially off non vegetarian variety. She makes very good, you know, kebabs and Giuliani's. And most off my my tools are 15 days, 15 day two's in which they stay for three nights in my own hotel in jeopardy. So this is where she gives a a demonstration. Tow our friend how to make be two or three. You know, dishes. When they come, they spend 23 hours in the evenings. Uh, then we tell them the names off the spices, how the spices are to be used on with their to be used and is the greatest great fun. And around this time on the roof flock off our hotel. We organized a dance program where they all joined and and danced with the dancers, the folk music I think I'll send you a photograph off the kind of dances especially, You know, the picture dance in which 8 to 9 pictures are kept on one by one on the on the head and all everybody joins in. But they also be my wife also makes the ladies off the group. How do you say sorry? You know? Sorry. Is that Is that the thing the ladies wear? Like the clothes goes around over there, right? And then, you know. Yeah. Okay. Gifted away they learn. And then and then we give them saris. How many? How many people do you? How many staff do you have in your hotel in in your tourism industry have worked proper. It's a body. Carried a hotel with 27 rooms. We have 8 18 staff, total staff off 18 in the hotel. And in my two company, I have a core team off eight people. We don't keep our own old cars or for deep or other things. We outsource every everything and we have a panel off Very good experience. Esports and guides speaking all kinds of languages Chinese, Italians or Japanese, Spanish, Italian. So we hire them on. We they are paid on an on a daily basis Or are they? This is depending upon their escorting them from one city to another. Or they are. They are using the services locally. So, Mr Singh, what when it's busy or when you're right, 2020 was not a good year for most people. But when? When you When you are up and going and everything is going smoothly, what do you what do you do in a week? What air you usually doing nowadays? If if it's a busy season, what what do you do on a daily basis? Usually, what I'm doing now or what I used to do well, when when businesses is going well, what? Hello? What do you normally do when, when it's a regular season, a regular tourist season? Yes, our regular season starts from August and adds and ends by March March end. But now there's hardly any concept off off a season, because the other month we have client tale from South southern European countries where we give them hide discounts, the off season discounts, and that way we're getting a lot off customers from these countries off. You know, Croatia has, uh, going on and Albania these air the country's I'm concentrating on before that is the off business I devote most off my time. We're in business on on...

...marketing on marketing. I have about 8000 customers who have already done my twos. So who I engaged to wake and they're happy toe respond to me and send their people besides that. E am inbound tour operator supplier to some of the best companies the world Expedia er to radar, meaning you have then there special tools that they will take mostly to wellness. This This last two years, I've been heavily concentrating on wellness because I myself have been doing meditation in Europe for almost 30 years now. So I with I with Indian system off medicine, off healing off health, healthy lifestyle. These are the things that now people way have you across the world now. So we are organizing two months training program for those those wanting toe take a certificate course and in York, and many Medication way have a university here that if certificate certificate programs in your meditation and highway, which is the really one thing that is taking a lot of shape. So you are a busy man. When when things were going well into marketing and promotions and being on inbound calls and all of that. What is it? What is it, Mr Singh, that you find difficult about your job at times? What is something difficult about being a tour operator or Ah, hotel owner? What is tough about your job or the work you dio bye bye large? I don't find any bottlenecks. Bottlenecks only arrived when they when the roads get bad off the reigns. This is where the customers, um I can help help it because there are certain areas where people have to go. But then the heavy rings, the traffic snarls. Traffic games are one of the areas that I can't do anything about, but which is a which is something which customers we would wish customers to quickly reach from one city to another on Maybe another thing that I'm not happy about is the persistent is the persistent way in which many guides and escorts wish to take customers to shops when they're not interested in. We have a policy in our company that no guide or escort or driver we lead them toe any shops unless they specifically asked for it. And that too, we guide them that this These are the establishment where you can purchase and you should bargain, bargain, bargain. In India, bargaining is the most. So we brief them even before they come. How they should take care off their requirements in making purchases. Another thing off, off importance that we tell them is about, you know, tipping, tipping tipping is is not compulsory, but it is expected. So they often ask what they what is the ideal amount that should be given toe do there stakeholders or toe the you know, service provider? Yeah, why does once the two has finished So he tells them this much is the normal that you can pay, uh, whether to the guide or at the hotels. Sometimes they give us the money that you please disperse a Z. You feel good as as for the kind of services that they have provided. So these air two or three areas where way ensure that the customers are not, you know, they feel good about how we we tell them what they should do, what they should not do. You make us. Go ahead. There was a particular case. Very interesting case. I must tell idea. We had a group off 12 Australians. So...

...one off the one off the couples, they left the group and they Then they went for a shopping in J poor and mind you that they were to reach before you know, Christmas New Eve, back to Sydney. So they purchase something without our knowledge. We did not even know where their that purchase items that purchase, um you know, silver products, silver products, which which they had paid for and which was supposed to go to Sydney by courier when they when the goods reached them, they were horrified to see that that don't black. They had turned black when they were not in good shape at all. And they have spent a lot of money, and they could not give those gift to you for their friends. So then they wrote to me giving and you help us with this. Although I'm were aware that and you did not know this this particular craftsman or craft Shaw. But I said, there's no problem. I'll help you out or I'll report the Metro Police so I approached the gave me the address. I told the person that they were my clients. They're my customers, and it leaves a very bad impression if if you don't refund the money to them. So they they said all they request them to send back the products at at our cost. So they sent back their cost from sent back their goods from sitting, and I will ensure that they got their full money. So they are very happy. In fact, they sent 50 customers to perform Australia just on this on this particular event. I think that is speaking highly of your character. And as you said, thank you so much about you said You're welcome. Just the idea of your telling your tour operators not to take people to certain, you know, not to take them shopping unless the tour or the people in the tour ask for it. My dear wife went with her mother to another country in Southeast Asia last year, the year before, and the whole experience was made worse for her when the tour guide kept bringing them to certain shopping places that she believes that there was a connection with with the tor up with the sellers. That would give the the tour operators some kick back, some some extra money. And they felt that way the whole time and they felt, you know, and then the whole group was being taken to these places that wasn't on the agenda. Then there was extra money that needed to be spent and all that. So I really appreciate like I've never experienced something like that and because I haven't been to many places but for you as an owner to say that is really good of you to do that, I'll be very honest with you. This this is rampant. This is the rampant not only in India but in countries like Nepal, Thailand sector and the amount off charges a product costing. We should cost them 300 maybe $10. They sell it for $40 because the commission goes not only to the Indian tour operator, mind you, but even the overseas tour operators, because they know that even the overseas tour operators expecting something from their Indian tour operators and everything it has to go to the guide. It has to go to the driver. It's all 90 40% off. The margin goes towards meeting the demands off these people. A. Yeah, go ahead, customers in advance if they're allergic, toe any food? Mhm. So if somebody writes to us, there was a case off Group off Small, a family from Again Australia, in which he said that my daughter is highly highly allergic toe peanuts to peanuts. So please ensure an entire route that she does not get toe eat anything to do with peanut, peanut oil or peanut. No cook peanut peanut's because then she'll fall immediately ill. She will fall immediately ill. So I This is one aspect, then there. Now there are many people who don't take anything to do with milk. Vegans way have that. Such tools also begin somebody they want their to their...

...vegetarians. They then another thing is that the quantity off spices that are to be used spices. So we asked them beforehand before their land. India. How much is the quantity off spices they would like to have in their meals? Some some. Some say they are. They're very happy with any kind off spices because they say that we have eaten tandoori chicken in Indian restaurants and in England, Franz or wherever. Tres so we have no such problem. But on earth another, I say, Be very careful about eating outside because you are lively toe like, likely to have an upset stomach. So be ready for that. That is one off the things that we we tell them. Toe, Take care off. Well, Mr Singh, I I know this is it's showing that, like I just said, the character but the care that you have for the people who are on vacation there, they're spending their money. They're coming to see your culture. They're coming to see your country and your being a good representative of all of that. And you're trying to do your best by caring for them and I and I know that. But you and I have been talking the last couple of you know, a week or so trying to get in contact. But you seem very kind, right? And you seem very, very a very kind Another. Another thing. Very interesting, I must tell you that in Jasper we have tailors who who can make a complete suit in 24 hours, so many, many customers, uh asked me Maybe we heard that we can get a job very close, you know, breaches courts, a sector made at a very good price for them. And I said no problem. Just goto that this particular shot get your give them your your measurement and your products will be. You're you're finished. So it will be in the hotel in 24 hours. There. So happy. And it is so, so, so inexpensive to get it done here. So they're very happy They go back and send me their photograph in a party. A running the suit. Eso you, you you you provide a good service is what you dio Mr. I don't write anything off the services. But you direct them right? You direct the people where to go. I heard I said yes. In jeopardy. You can get a good tailored suit at a very good price for you in 24 hours. So they they get it made and then they are Happy toe. Take them back home. Mr. Singh, you were doing this for maybe over 30 years. Even since you were 16, you had something to do with tours. What is what is the satisfaction you get about the work you do in the hotel and the adventure tours. What? What? What brings you joy in what you do? Yes, it is. It is mainly the smile, the smile on the face off for having had a very good to what we do on the end. Off the off their tools. We organized this. I must tell you. We organize a gala dinner complimentary where My wife, my Children, my great great grandchildren. Grandchildren We all joined on the rooftop. My grandchildren I have three grandchildren. Toe Children and my wife. Your to your too young for grandchildren or great grandchildren. You're too young. Uh, grandchildren. So three grandchildren to Children, wife and we we all get together A gala dinner with unlimited drinks, barbecue. And after that way we assemble in in the in the whole, off my hotel. What? Well, I give them. I tell them about my my family. We have big portrait's off. I'll send you a photo off my hotels, dining room and drawing rooms where we have large portrait's off. My my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and in royal dresses Royal, you know, regalia what we see Regalia They're very happy. They're very happy. Toe. Get them. Thio yourself. You know,...

...photographed photograph in the in the back. Drop off these poor traits. Another how I began This is they should be interest to you also. And they have a good laugh. I tell them that I have so far only two Children because so far s so far so far. You mean you want you want You want some more? This This makes them very happy. Does your wife, my wife and Children? I have only two Children s so far. Does your e very happy note. I say that to my wife to, but she's like no more. I know she doesn't want any more. You can have anymore. Mr Mr Singh, What is a skill that you need in your position? So, in being an owner, you know, being a tour guide and helping people that what is an essential skill that you need that someone else may look at developing If they want to be in a position like you, I would say number one is is punctuality. Punctuality is very sanction. E find very, very important is when the land in Delhi, which is mostly the the starting point New Delhi International Airport. This is where they are likely to get lost or they're not ableto find the representative. So we tell them we're much in advance from which gate they have toe enter, come out and we have our drivers and escorts are given a carry with them. A black art, a black art with their names appearing on them. So because it is so important that when they land, they feel, you know, comfortable that there is somebody who has has come and received them and taking them directly to the hotel for stay whatever, whatever be their time off the arrival or departure, we ensure that they they are received and seen off punctually, and even when they're going to use every day and on excursions, we ensure that everything is operating smoothly and the drivers and the guides are Cody years at all times. I have so many of them who wrote back to say that an entire toe do that we have done across the world the kind off courtesy and good natured nous ever smiling drivers that you have, whether it's there were the coaches or their guys or their sport. They have consistently bean courteous and knowledgeable. Yeah, I tell them they speak. Give correct information about the monuments. Don't don't give them information, which is either relevant or about giving much more than much more with embellishment. Give give the picture a true picture off the monument. Who built it, how it was built or just about anything. But don't you know, give bombard them with them. With so much information. Be precise. Beacon size, but answered, answered them. You know truthfully about anything, any event, any whether it is our folk dances, where or whether it is anything that they're seeing the monuments or everything they must. They must know, and we also give them some some literature to read before they even before they start from home. We give them some some some material to read and have a better understanding. Then we also they also asked me many times before what kind of dress they should wear they should wear. I tell them that there is absolutely no restrictions in dresses. You are most welcome to wear whatever you like, but it's expected that when you goto a place like a temple, or in such place is better toe not to wear any color or something. Just be be properly dressed which will look nice to you also and toe the breeze and all those a temples...

...at the temples. So for you, punctuality is is very important. It's something thio learn you mentioned Punctuality is a good skill to develop. Mr. Singh, I I worked in the hotel industry in Canada out of university and I have a little taste that it's not always easy, right, So you can be nice and kind, but sometimes the guests are not. So after doing 30 years of this, how are you able to stay productive? How are you? Stay able to stay motivated to keep on doing it. What's driving you? I explore areas that are not They're comparatively virgin. Virgin areas which have not been traveled, uh, have been all exploited Variety. Yeah, have bean all exploited and all exploitation leads to many off the many ills. Uh, people leave behind, you know this plastic Later they acquire many other other you know, other elements which are not conducive. So we are constantly in search off areas across in their mind, doing India is very huge in terms off the diversity in wildlife way have and other other area. So this is one area that excites me. I try to go there myself, spend a few hours, get get, get a feel of the place and try to find out what kind off accommodation will best suit for for Wellness Tools s. Oh, this is exciting. Now with poet, 19 people are looking for for places where they can spend maybe weeks exploring, uh, taking long walks in the woods, doing meditation, you, the talks, the talks, food and all this kind off areas that I'm working on. I already done finished about 30 such tools. And given to have one of the best upcoming wellness company in in Canada is what are you what are used off this company And they are still going to upload my 18 to South India. Mr. Singh, what is what is a tool that you use something that you use maybe every day in your work that helps you work efficiently. So it could be something like a pen, A paper? It could be your phone. It could be Ah, horse. It could be your schedule. What? What do you use in your work that helps you work efficiently? I do meditation. New York. That gives me a lot off energy. Yeah, and I help my book help my wife in the kitchen. That's helpful to a Yeah, that's helpful for marriage, right? It's It's tonight. Then I like to play with my grandchildren. Yeah, I have a seven year old. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello? You're doing well. You're doing well. You're taking care of him very well on here. The great time. Hello? Hello. Hello. Hi. We had a wonderful time yesterday. Christmas, Mr Celebrated. Yeah. Merry Christmas to Mr Singh. Thinking of your grandchild or young people getting into work. What sort of tip? What sort of tip do you have for young people Or people changing? Like you changed your career from banking into tourism? And that's a hard thing to start work or to change your career. Do you have any advice for people like your grandchild? They're starting work or people changing their career. It was a zip. Personally. It was easy for me tow anti tourism because we're already into that already into that. So I used to guide I usedto earn some some money for myself by by guiding for my father's company and my new and used to get very good tips s O that was That was fine. So I tourism is my second love. Do you have advice? Yeah, but do you have? Do you have advice for people getting into work or starting work? What would you say to ah, young child thinking about working or changing a job? What would you say to them?...

Mhm, I think. People I always those who wish to enter that tourism sector either as fresh people are wanting to join I said, it is a very good line is very good line. It's the line, especially for for tools. Yeah, it doesn't require much investment. It doesn't require much investment, especially I'm not thankful. Toe buildup hotel. But if to enter an inbound tourism or outbound tourism and it doesn't require much investment, but then you have to build up the contacts through yours social media platforms and try to know as much as possible about about the sites. What are the attractions? How, Whether you are wanting to do inbounds or you want to do outbound or any this area that you want to concentrate on. This is what I tell them. But I tell them that is a very exciting line on. But you must have to work hard toe establish contacts overseas on now, including this Corbett. Now there's an increased emphasis on domestic tourism, especially. We have a large number of people going in for religious tourism. Religious, tourism way Have these temples ancient temples from the north of Hue Maria. So south India, from West Stow, east India, you can spend almost a lifetime just going around visiting the temples. That is 111 area where young people can take some people all Hindu, especially want toe do some sort off religious toe in their lifetime way are millions and millions off Indian fishing. And they do way keep on going to ourselves, Mr Singh, Is there thinking back over the decades? Is there a mistake? Maybe that you made that you are able to learn from so you could be a better worker. So something that you might have done. You don't have to say the mist ake, but is there something that you did or didn't do that you learn from that Helped, do you? In your work, one does make mistakes. One does make mistakes. One does make mistake. And one has to be a little careful about that. Uh, sometimes you miss miss out on opportunities that come your way. Yes, that's true. Sometimes you There's one case off this one case off travel table Journalist. He had come with his wife. They were to go back through Scoot airlines scoot. Airlines used to operate from from Australia. So to Jack for connecting flight. So these people had come here at a time when there was a a wedding in the family way Took them in Indian weddings. Everybody is welcome. Wake them for wedding now, his flight waas to operate at a tier one o'clock at night on bond way got drunk on way. Forgot that the fight was Tokyo at at one o'clock at night. On it, I didn't keep track. All the timing and the flight was missed on bond. I said then what to do Then I did my very best and got them the next flight back toe Australia. Many travel writers have been sponsored by Scoot Airlines. There used to be a magazine, a newsletter published from Gold Coast. And they sent many people on my, uh, complementary bases. They sponsored their tools where they could spend a week to seven days. You know, I start with me, and of course we would. Our part was complimentary, but then they arranged for their figure two Narain there.

The plane tickets. It was complementary, but they did for me. And then they went back and wrote articles on their expenses on their experiences. With that gave, You think? Yeah. Yeah, and yeah, that That's a hard mistake. Especially with traveled journalists. Mr. Mr Singh, you were You've mentioned this a couple of times, but and and it shows your own character. But how important is it to be a man of integrity and have good character in your line of business or in work in general? So how important is character and integrity to you? It is very, very important is very important, especially how, Toby how to behave with ladies with women, we we keep instructing them. Not not to be, you know, not tow our drivers and got tear care for how they treat the hour. Mm. Lady customers. There's one area that we were very particular about. Do you? Do you have a view of my listeners of how you view education? So whether it's university or hands on experience, how do you view the importance of learning lifelong learning and education? As as far as I'm concerned? I'm from military school. I spent seven years in a military school. Although I did I did not go in a in the military, but that experience has been very good to me to be to be, you know, quite discipline in my day to day activities. Having spent seven years, we have to get a 44 a. M. The horse riding and all kinds off loading activity. Their studies also I did my master of arts in, in, in political science, in political science with subjects off international law. You know, anthropology on bond history. So these subjects these areas came very handy in the field of tourism. Especially anthropology. Yes. What? What do you say to say your grandchildren about education? Is it Is it something that they should really consider? Is it important? What do you feel this? And I emphasize I have had emphasized with my Children. And I emphasized with my grandchildren also their need for a good education and character building and, most importantly, a family bonding. Very good morning is one area that I think most Indians are particular about. And I tell them you you follow the follow the educational field off your own choice. Don't be. Don't be guided by what your body appears or tell you. Now they're here. Everybody is crazy about going into science into science. Were coming doctors, medical doctors and following, You know the technology. My daughter's daughter's skiing on on literature. Mhm. So I said, If if you love this area, then then you should go for, you know, literature, English literature. She's came on French. Another. I think this is the area. There's my my son's daughter, whose photo you saw. She's She's skiing on pursuing a a career in sports. She's going to wait for a badminton. Okay, so we're encouraging. Now is the time for her toe buildup. The yeah, in this particular area often Czestochowa and we have way Have some from the best players in this sporting activities the world especially, you know, uh, you encourage you encourage education and in your case, in your family's case, you give them the freedom to make the choices they want, which is very good. My wife has also bean eyes all also water of education. She has herself stated and I Lauretta convent Lauretta ornament. She has had education in a you know, a Christian establishment comment on day and she on She is very,...

...very happy about the kind of education in the kindof discipline that Waas imbued in them. When when she was in in doing her graduation in a in a convent. Okay, Mr Mr Singh, do you have a goal for your company? Whether it's I c T Heritage Adventures or your hotel group at Candela, the wellness resort Do you have a no overarching goal? E don't want to expend too much. I won't Don't want expand too much. I will just have quality quality business, less off client tale, but different different areas in tourism, Better lighting, you know, started saying this. The white life photograph e adventure in the in the Himalayas things the areas that I would want to concentrate but have a very limited, kind off business. I'm concentrating now on my orchards orchards special in a Citrus plantations. E. I have farms about 80 kilometers from Chapo, where we are. I'm planning to grow in a very big way in a Citrus plants Citrus. So that's the one area that's interest me. So has it. Has your position changed a lot over the decades? Maybe years ago is more of seeing certain things, But you're talking paragliding and seeing Citrus and doing other sorts of ventures. Have things changed a lot, especially with technology to has things changed? Has things changed a lot for you? There's a lot of changing how you cultivate. Now we have tissue plantations. Then we have this greenhouses. So this detect this technique and then, increasingly I want follower would want to consider on organic way off cultivation Organic There's a great movement Was organic cultivation off beings off all kinds off eat cereals beings your your vegetable even even milk milk production using, uh, organic root. Yeah, yeah. We drink a lot of almond milk. Great past time to spend on cows and buffaloes and horses and see the plants grow up and all this is very nice. Very nice feeling, Mr Singh. Is there anything that you think people may not understand about you or your your hotel or the tours that you do that you would like them to understand, So they can have a better appreciation of you and what you're providing in India. Is there something you would like? People to understand? A little bit better. See those coming? At least they give. They have a 45 to 50 day off 50 days off this, uh, off the leg timeto come here. So in this particular 45 days to 50 days before they land in Delhi to begin their tools or Bombay, we have we have give them sufficient information about what to expect from us. Well, in time we informed baby will tell, Let me exchange. We exchange ideas. And what are the expectations if the anything special that they want us toe do for them? Some. Some mentioned that which is not in the itinerary. Some mention what they want to do. In fact, some people they want toe cosmetic treatment off teeth teeth, which is quite inexpensive compared to countries like Australia and us. Hmm. Prosthetic treatment off the teeth. Yes. So they ask us where they can get it done. We fix up appointment for then their dentistry. Yes, Yes, yes, Yes. S So these are the small, small areas. You're very you're very accommodating, is what it sounds like. You're very accommodating. Yes, we try it. Yes, we way. We certainly do. I would say that...

I'll send you one review. Stand by a lady e Filipino, A Filipino settled in Sydney. It'll take you 25 minutes to read the radio. I do not think I don't think anybody on any tour anywhere in the country anywhere in the world has written a note which runs in tow 25 minutes to eat. It's a long review Then. Then we had a group one off the members. He wrote a book 75 page book on my tooth starting from a deal it where they begin the journey and ending at edl it in 15 days in India. So it was a Victoria book on on the tour. They took off my 2 15 day two and then he got about 300 a lthough those books, you know, published on designed, running by careers from from edl it so I was very happy to see those photographs and that entire book on my tour. Yeah, E can see that with your with your character and how accommodating you are and caring you are. There's no doubt that you provide very good tours, Mr Singh, on a more. I have only a few questions for you just so you know that. But on a serious note, Is there any adversity, any trouble that you have faced in your life, adversity that has helped you in your work? It kind of has given you a little extra motivation, or it's even still hard to deal with by having adversity in your life. Some trouble. You are bad. So far, things have been, have been by and large good. So I don't think any any any adversity has taken place. Which that changed, and I and I asked that question of thinking of other people. So listeners of my program a lot of a lot of people do face adversity, right? Even maybe you would even consider 2020 a little adversity for you in the tourism industry because it's obviously all around the world has taken a hit in tourism. Um, that sort of thing But other people lose people. They have lost their jobs. They're they've come down sick just through life. Very bad, right? It's very bad here, especially. I stole you as regards the the big forts and palaces. Sacra is okay in the large cities where you have this ordinary hotels which are not malicious or they are not able to survive. And most off, these workers have have come from place, like Nepal from other owners off the off the country which have less income for them. Eh? So it is really bad for them. They have to go back to their small farms on. I must. I'm sure they must be having a very, very bad time. Do you have? Do you have advice for people that are in positions like that all around the world, especially in their work, where it's tough for their dealing with adversity in their life? Do you have any advice for people who are facing hard times? But but we want to encourage them in their work. Those how? Yes, I think the best thing would be for anybody personally speaking for me or any way that this is the time where we have to establish our A relationship we have done to renew our our affection or with our own people. For the family friends, we have to be close, close to each other. Be able to survive. E think that's that's great advice of getting back in touch with, as you mentioned earlier with your roots, right, the roots of either your initial family or your culture and getting back in touch with that and and reassessing your whole situation. And that will be encouraging. Mr. Singh, how can people get in touch with you? So this is where you promote yourself and tell people all the places that they confined you. If they want to go on your HC, I H, C T heritage and adventure tours or if they want to go to come to your hotel, your Candela Wellness Resort, how did people find...

...you and get in contact with you? My my normal context off through LinkedIn, where I'm very active. In fact, my most of my business have operated from from LinkedIn, and that's so much fun that's Cavey sing. They'll find you under the name under the name K V Sing. That's K. The letters k v Singh s i n g h Correct for that unlinked They confined you on Linked in under the name capital K Capital V and sing s I N g. Just everything. Owner in the heritage and culture. Yes, I'm active on Facebook also. But but not much. Yeah, very good. I have one final question for you, sir. Please read. Why do you work Or it gives me a kick. I enjoy. I enjoy working. I enjoy working on DNI people. It's a connect can connect with them. It's a great answer Cavey sing of I h C T Heritage and Adventure Tours and of hotel group Candela Wellness Resort. Thank you, kind sir, for your time. And I appreciate the work that you do So nice of you. Thank you so much. And I'm so sorry for the incoming Supposed to you last time There's no inconvenience at all. It's been a pleasure And I would like I would like to have this conversation if the Internet wasn't so choppy just so everyone could have a really good idea of how caring you are and how much you are accommodating to your guests and that you really really, truly love what you dio and you provide the O A. Soon as I get it up within the next 24 hours. I thank you, sir. Thank you for listening to this episode of why we work with Brian V. Be sure to subscribe, follow and share with others. So they to be encouraged in their work. E hope that you have yourself a productive yet joyful day in your work.

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