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Episode 108 · 7 months ago

#108 Kim MacPherson - Buy It Smart Auto & Sell It Smart Auto Non-Prime Training - BrianVee WhyWeWork


Kim MacPherson is the Founder and President of But It Smart Automotive & Sell It Smart Automotive Non-Prime Training. Kim is changing the approach and landscape of the automotive buying experience for the customer, as she trains sellers, across North American, in the most practical way that meets the wants and needs of both parties.

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sellitsmartcanada.ca (Company Website)
buyitsmart.ca (Company Website)

1.902.818.1373 (Mobile)

301 Cobequid Rd Sackville, NS, Canada




"Kim has 24 years of automotive retail experience and more than a decade training sales, finance and management teams to professionally, ethically and profitably serve the less than perfect credit customers.

Her career started in 1996 as an Automotive Sales Professional, she has as Finance Manager, Sales Manager then in 2004 she opened an independent Dealership, BHPH and worked Super Sale Company running non prime sale events for franchise dealerships. In 2005 she took her experience in non prime and went on her own as a consultant and trainer teaching in franchise dealerships across Canada and USA. Finally in June 2019 Buy It Smart Auto opened its doors, not a dealership a different option for customers looking to buy finance first. We more like a concierge service we secure our customers their best auto loan approvals and then search for vehicles through our partner dealerships that meet our clients needs, lifestyle and budget with delivery to our clients homes.

Founder of the Sell it Smart and Buy It Smart TM, non prime process and marketing solutions she offers dealerships a professional, ethical and profitable way to solve non prime problems facing all dealerships today; wasted time, loss of sales and profits while showing them how to sell more vehicles and make more money using her non prime and online process

Kim's passion truly lies in solving the growing credit problem, facing Canadians, Dealerships and Lenders today her process is a PROVEN WIN / WIN!

When Kim is not teaching or working with her own clients she keeps extra busy speaking on topics related to non prime notably at the F+I Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, Auto Re marketers Conference, various performance groups and several podcasts like The Dealer Playbook and DealerTalk and Car Girls." (LinkedIn)

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