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Christina Flach is the President & CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Christina is more than just a business owner; for she is a hard worker. Christina is a celebrity makeup artist, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, television personality, philanthropist, and a loving mother. Christina is making Pretty Girl Makeup into a billion dollar.

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"When Christina Flach created Pretty Girl Makeup, she wanted to celebrate everything it means to be a girl – along with all the fun, excitement, and glamour that comes with it. Christina is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, CEO, Writer, Blogger, and Mother. She brings more than 20 years of experience to the business, having worked in commercial print, advertising, fashion, beauty, TV, and film. She uses her knowledge of beauty and fashion to create and perfect new lip, eye, and face products. In addition to creating high-end beauty products, Christina also writes a weekly fashion column for Soap Opera Digest, contributes beauty tips to magazines, podcasts, blogs as well as running her own blog, Love, Life, Laugh, and Lipgloss.

Her work is inspired by her love and obsession with beauty, fashion, and art. She believes her clients deserve to look stylish and feel confident—which is why she’s committed to creating high-quality cosmetics that deliver the richest pigments and most luxurious textures. Here at Pretty Girl Makeup, our mission is to bring you the freshest and most natural cosmetic products to help you look and feel beautiful. When you wear one of our products, you're wearing the result of several years of hard work. We mixed and matched pigments, natural ingredients, and other essential oils to create one-of-a-kind products that deliver the results you want." (LinkedIn, 2020)

...welcome to why we work with your host Brian V. As he speaks to people like you from all over the world as we together dive deeper into our motivations, struggles, joys, seemingly missteps, hopes, warnings and advice, which would be an encouragement to us all to get up, get going on and keep on working. Working is tough, but working is good. Now here's your host to why we work. Brian V. I'm Brian V, and this is why we work today. I have the great pleasure of speaking with Christina Flak. Christina is the president and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup. Not only that, she is a celebrity makeup artist. She is a writer, blogger, mom and entrepreneur. Today I want to find out the process that she goes through in creating a new design. But also I want to find out how Christina instructs her clients to look stylish and feel confident. Join me in my conversation today with Christina Flak. I'm Brian V, and this is why we work today. Have the great pleasure speaking with Christina Flak. Good afternoon, young lady. Well, good afternoon, kind gentlemen. How are you? I am doing wonderfully well and I do. Thank you for doing this. You are a gracious lady. I know that because you just gave me cut to or take two. So I truly appreciate that. Christine, I know that you are the CEO and founder. Pretty girl makeup. Yes, I am. It's you. You have, Ah, wonderful way about you. Because I know that, you know, with all of us, we have a story. Can you give us an idea of what you're doing nowadays If it's just in your company or you doing some other things as well. Okay, so there's s So I run my company, I you know, I create new products, and I run my business and and wonderful with for pretty girl makeup, we're in the midst of bringing on doing a new developing new hair care line and the new skincare line that I'm very excited about. Uh, Normally, if it's not the shut in in the world isn't topsy turvy. I my agent books, me really fabulous jobs. Um, doing TV shows, uh, working with, you know, e commerce. I work with different fashion designers. I work with different TV network that work with Fox quite often. I work with ESPN Fox. I mean, every you know, every network you can imagine I work with and I love it. It's a really great balance for me being a makeup artist and running my business because you know you as a makeup artist, you're kind of like an actor. You don't work every day. You could work, you know, once to three times a week or five straight days or not work for a few weeks, and then you're having a heart attack that you're not working. So it's nice to have my company to be running a swell. So on days that I'm not on photo shoots, I'm being a CEO, Christina, I would be a miss. I think if I didn't mention Empress connecting us, and I know she has a new single out, So she's pumping out the music Very talented lady herself, and you've worked with her on numerous her a few years. I've been her makeup artist, so I do all her hair and makeup for her photo shoots for her albums, and it's She's one of my best friends, So it's a nab salute. Joy to work with her because she's super fun and, you know, lovely and sweet, and she's got the most gorgeous face ever. So it's always, uh, she gives me a lot of creative freedom to how I view her and and, you know, the way I you know, she'll tell me, like, kind of like the vibe that she's looking for. But then she allows me to kind of just do what I she knows. She'll always look beautiful. So she gives me a lot of artistic freedom, which I really love, because oftentimes as a makeup artist, if I'm working with Gucci or Louis Vuitton, they're very specific. They'll send me, you know, a very detailed document of how they want the makeup to look, Um, and it's usually very minimal. They just want the model to have flawless skin and because the part with fashion is the fashion, not my makeup. So it's fun to be able tohave fine. You know, creative freedom to create something that she's a classy lady. I she is. She's wonderful. Christina, would you do me a favor and bring us back to what would have been your very first job? So this...

...podcast is why we work, So I want to die, Vinto. All the things that you have done, you know, as much as we can have time for. But the idea of promoting work and showing other people even though it's difficult work is still good. What would have been your very first job, even as a teenager having nothing to do with makeup? Oh, okay. My first like job job. Let's see a lemonade stand. I think I did lemonade stand. I pet sat. I would feed people's dogs. I would walk people's dogs. Um, what else did I dio? I worked in a deli. What was the very first thing that you could remember? That it was specific and we can put an age to I I think I was probably like 10. And I went to my neighbors and water plants and fed the cat. That was my first job. Why did you do that? They asked me, and I was so excited to earn some money and have that responsibility. And it was it was kind of It was a neat experience. So it wasn't family telling you. Okay, Christine, to get out and go get some money. It was a neighbor asking you and you maybe not even thinking that it was a possibility to make money out of it. But just doing a favor for a neighbor. What would what would have been the next job or something else you were able to make money in? I worked in a deli in my hometown. One summer on Dat was fun but really hard work. And it also made me realize that I wanted to have a job, that I made a lot of money and, you know, not work, you know, because you know, we're standing on your feet all day tending to be. I think everyone should work in the food service industry because it it's such hard work. And you're dealing with so much stress and difficult people often times. And it really teaches you you know how hard you know it is important to get an education, and Thio, you know, become successful. So you can you know, I'm all about working hard. But I also like Thio be compensated for my hard work, right? Sadly, that, too is the idea of working in those types of industries. It gives you a better appreciation for those people who you will, you know you will go to a restaurant again. And rather than being, you know, a not nice person to your wait staff. You could say I was in that position before, and I remember how difficult it is. So you know, how are you doing today? You know, you can have a different perspective by experiencing those same things. Oh, definitely. But I think I'm very sensitive. Thio, my husband had some restaurants and I helped him with designing them. And, you know, every now and again he needed help. I've always been very thoughtful and respectful of people that was instilled in me quite early from my parents. My kids are saying by my my family instilled in me from a very young age to always treat others the way you want to be treated and to be respectful and kind. And it's just kind of in me to be that way. My mother's Canadian, as you are. So you know, Canadians Very nice s Oh, you know, I just I was raised that way. It was just how it's the same way I've raised my Children to treat others the way you wanna be retreated and leave the, you know, whatever situation you're in to leave it better than when you entered it. So it's just kind of how I am. You mentioned education. So as you're getting into high school, where you working as well, Or was that part of the deli know that I I played competitive. Tennis is a junior, and so that was kind of my job. I, you know, trained in the morning and after school, so that was kind of like my job. So were you thinking about college at all Or did you take that? Oh, no, I did. I went to college, I went on a tennis scholarship. And what were you thinking in what you wanted to do after college psychology or art history or I really wasn't quite sure I am. I knew it was. I didn't think I really didn't think I was gonna be a makeup artist. I never thought I'd have an agent. I didn't think I'd be a CEO of a company that you know that Z No, I didn't. Even I didn't even know what a CEO waas on. I didn't know that people could make money being a makeup artist I had no idea. So it z interesting way. You know, I love my career and it makes me happy. And I've told my Children this, like, figure out what it is that you love doing even if you weren't getting paid and then figure out how to get paid and then figure out where you want to be, Like I like traveling. I'm kind of a gypsy in that respect. I like, you know, meeting new people and going on photo shoots and being in different places. I...

...you know, I don't I think it would be very hard for me to have a cubicle that I went to every day. And it was the same. I like change. Um, I like change, but it's funny for some. I don't like change in some things, but I like change in my work all the time. But the consistency of doing what I dio if that makes any sense, No, it does. And that's why I like The idea of this podcast is to show how people start with one thing and they end up being something else. And so other people will not be discouraged when their life doesn't seem to be going the way they thought it was going to go. And for you thinking psychology, Getting into that for college, your path took a completely different turn. So after college or nearing the end of college, what were you thinking for a job wise or what was What was your plan? Well, I was playing tennis, like, you know, on the circuit, Um, not at the same level of my husband played who was, you know, number one in the world. But, you know, I started teaching tennis. Um and so, you know, that was pretty lucrative, and it kind of again, it was kind of like being like a makeup artist, because you're going to someone's house different every day. It was I would go to people's homes. That was kind of my age, Thio people that had tennis court. And then I, you know, I started an import export business. I lived in Mexico and I started that. And then when I moved back to the States, um, you know, I was married and I had I started having Children and and being a makeup artist, I'd always done people's makeup. I started with my mom. My mom had brain cancer when I was a young girl and she was going out on a date with my father and I wanted her. She just I could tell she was sad with how she looked her skin and her, you know, she had lost her hair and so I said, Oh, Mommy, let me, you know, let me do your makeup And I did. And what was so satisfying to me was, Besides, I was shocked that I could make transform her toe look like herself like how she normally looked, Um, how she felt she felt she felt beautiful on the inside, which made her look even more beautiful on the outside. And I think that's part of my gift. Being a makeup artist is that I make people feel comfortable, and I make them feel happy and good. And, you know, part of that is knowing when to listen, when to speak and when not to speak at all. Sometimes I get a client that's traveled a lot and they don't want to talk. They just want quiet eso I have to figure out rather quickly how what what this Whatever client is gonna make them happiest when they're in front of the camera. When? When? How old were you when you first? When you put the makeup on your mom When you felt Oh, my gosh, I was young. I must have been, like 12. I mean, I was pretty young. I had no idea what I was doing. And eyes videos of you kids putting makeup on their moms or their dad. Yeah, they've got like, yeah, yeah, it actually worked out surprisingly and so So that's where the seed would have started, right? The planting of the idea. So how long before that came into fruition? You did the import export business, your home having Children, And then were you starting it around that? Well, then I I had a friend who was an image consultant, and she thought that that would be a great job for me as well. She wanted me to take over her business. She was going into real estate and she thought, Is that consist of image Consulting s. So it's like being a personal shopper, organizing people's closets to like how they're the clothes, that everything goes together and that the colors match and so I did that for a bit and then and it was great being a mom, having the flexibility Thio have my Children, but toe have a career. And so that was kind of our I've always had this artistic I I love making things beautiful. Whether it be my home or my garden or people. I kind of like remodeling everything. Just making everything looked like the best version of itself, whether it be a room or food or flowers. I really enjoy that. Christina, can you speak? You just mentioned it. But my dear wife, we've We have two Children and I know it's hard raising. Ah, husband, Right, Raising Children taking care. But I know my dear wife has a niche. A desire to do something else is well, and she's starting to. She's starting to teach from her home, teaching English. Can you speak of that? As you were having Children, you already had a career of your own. Then you were home. But then you're wanting to do something else. Do you? Do you remember that the process that you went with that idea of really getting it? Yeah, I was very blessed because I had a nanny at home, so my kids didn't really get affected by what I did. But I was a very and I am a very attentive mother. I make you know, I I get them ready in the morning and make...

...sure there's lunches and e wanted. I wanted I wanted to be a very present mother, but I also loved making money. And I loved having, you know, meeting new people and just having an outlet. Besides, you know, my Children and I think I'm a better mother because I've have those experiences on. I think it's also been really great for my Children to see. You know, they it's funny. My kids are older now. My daughter Melanie is 27 Roses 25 Nicholas, 20 and Bennis, 14, on. But I think it's been really great for them to see my work ethic and how I treat people. Um, I do a lot of philanthropic work. My husband, Ken Flach, passed away. Hey was a professional tennis player. Hey was never one in the world. I mentioned that earlier. He's on the Davis Cup team, won Wimbledon. He had an amazing career and he passed away almost three years ago from from synapse ISS, which is a blood disease. It's an infection of the blood that attacks all your organs. So after he passed away, I wanted to honor him. Um, the sepsis Alliance contacted me and asked if they could use his likeness for, you know, billboards and things on Busses and trains. And I said Yes. And it's been really great way for me to help with my grieving process by having, you know, using his celebrity to to raise awareness for substance. Because Ken and I had no idea what substance waas when he got ill. And they're at the sepsis dot org's website. Your listeners can go to, and there's a like a timetable. It says Time and T is for temperature. You can be either incredibly hot or incredibly cold eyes for infection in some form of your body. Um, it could be, you know, an infection in your tooth or what my husband had was Bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia and then M is for mental decline. It's hard to get them rows. They're kind of tired and lethargic and ease for excruciating pain. They're in excruciating pain because, you know how you say? Oh, I think I'm dying because you are Your organs are shutting down and it's incredibly painful. Tanya Roberts. I don't know if you know who she is. She was an actress that just died last week of sepsis. She had a bladder infection and it turned septic and she passed away. Whoopi Goldberg has had it. There's been a lot of, you know, people that have had sepsis, uh, and survived. If you get a blood test and it shows that your septic, they put you on an ivy, uh, antibiotic and you should survive, But there is definitely a timetable. And unfortunately, my husband's doctors didn't see him. They treated him over the phone, um, and didn't see him. And so because of that negligence, you know, my husband passed away, and it's been really hard for me and my Children because he was just amazing, amazing man. And I miss him every day. Well, Christina, it's funny. I wasn't gonna ask you about your husband directly because I know you've been on so many interviews, But then I thought to myself, Well, if it comes up, I was gonna ask about grieving, and I asked that because my mom just passed away in February almost a year. And you mentioned your mom? Yeah, she died of cancer in February. So I went back to Canada and almost every episode mentioned my mom because it was the idea of why I started this. Because she was a hard worker. She usually had two, if not three jobs at a time, and even on her deathbed she was trying to get up out of her bed to go toe work. So it just it was just It was amazing. And that's why I started this. And I find talking and mentioning it in my podcast almost every time. It's good for grieving and and being just my experiences. I haven't had many people close to me pass away, so, you know, grand parents. But they were a little bit further away, distant, wise on DSM, friends and acquaintances. But can you speak of the idea of just general a grievance for people who lose people? Because I think our natural inclination would be Thio remain silent. I mean, maybe the other people may not, but just the idea of talking about it and getting that out there, and it doesn't have to be on a podcast. It doesn't have to be out in public. But I know by me speaking about my mom it's been very helpful. Oh, that's great to hear. So, you know, I started. It was very interesting. I never expected, you know, being a makeup artist and the CEO, you know, I'm pretty behind the camera and then, you know, being married to who I was married Ken Flach, you know, And he passed away and it just kind of made my life a little bit more public. And so when I would speak about the substance,...

...you know, awareness. And then people started asking me about grieving, which I didn't expect to ever. I was on a whole one day on a serious radio on the Doctor Channel, and this woman was introducing. I heard her. I was on hold and she was saying, Oh, he's got a very special guest. She's had this very tragic life and, you know, and then she introduces me, and I was so shocked that she thought my life was tragic. And I'm like, Wait, who? Me? Um, I have had a lot of tragic things happen. My mother died when I you know she had cancer when I was young and she died when I was 20. My son, Beau passed away 14 years ago on Christmas Day. And then that was horrible. And then my husband passed away on March 12th of 2018. And so I've had and my business partner, uh, passed away, going to be a year and a half now, and so I have had quite a bit of loss at for my age. And so I going back of it. So, you know, after he died, it was very hard for me to sleep. I really had to start being I'm very disciplined, but I had to take it up to another level, Um, waking up every day and having my green juice and my vinegar on my water and, you know, exercising and going to yoga and meditating and praying and everything. And one day I was on a hike by myself in the hills and I was having, like, this conversation, I could hear my husband speaking to me. And I don't know if you've had that instance with your mother. If you hear a voice in your head and you think it's her because it is, Um, So my husband was telling me how terrible how how incredibly painful it is tow. Watch me crying at night in bed and so sad. And it's he was saying that, you know, it's so horrible to watch you like this because I can't comfort you the way I would normally if I was next to you. And so I thought to myself, My gosh, how awful would that be to look down and not be able to comfort someone? But I wouldn't want my Children or my husband said, If I passed, um And so I started thinking, You know, the best thing that I could do to honor my husband is to have a happy life and, you know, set a good example for my Children because if I'm not happy, they're not going to be happy. But I, um, I started an educational foundation for my son, Beau, and at the Northern Lights School in Oakland, California It's a private school for predominantly minority Children that are, they're all on scholarship, 90% and it's such an extraordinary school. Michelle Williams is the head mistress and she thes kids. Um, it's like from preschool to eighth grade, and then they get scholarships to go to private high schools, and then they go on to college and get scholarships and graduate. I mean, it's just an extraordinary place. So I thought after my son Beau passed away, I started the Baby Boat fund there and then when Ken was alive, they have a golf tournament every year with vital blue and a bunch of athletes in the Bay Area where I live, the 40 Niners, the Warriors, the A's, the Giants, the Sharks all come in playing this golf tournament to raise money for the school, and Ken did that while he was alive. Bond. Then, after he passed, I started the Ken Flach Educational Fund and my Bose twin, Ben, my youngest son, has been playing in this golf tournament for four years, raising money for his twin and now his his dad's foundation. Um, and it's really extraordinary because my son last October raised $35,500 in one day. Hey had raised like 18,000. But last year it was $35,500 and I said to him, Ben, like, This is so amazing what you've done. And he's like, Mom, I played golf today like Big Deal. And I said, No, you didn't just play golf today. You raised enough money for three Children to go to school, private school for a year. You know that changes lives and families, and it changes communities in the world. And so it makes me so proud to be raising, you know, money to help Children with education in to honor my husband and my son. Um, you know, and and their memory. And so I feel like if you you Kenbrell, I've everyone grieves how they want when they want. But if you think about it, if you I don't think anyone would want their loved one to be looking down and seeing us sad and crying all the time. I mean, believe me, I have moments quite a few...

...where I'm crying and I'm sad and I'm lonely and I miss my husband and I made my miss my baby. But if I can help others, it really does help with my grieving process, and it feels good to be helping other people you know in the same with the raising awareness for sepsis. I don't want anyone to go through what I've gone through and my Children and hence Children of of the loss of anyone because they were unaware of the signs of sepsis. So that's how I deal with the grieving. I think, you know, grieving. It doesn't mean that I don't miss him. If I'm smiling and happy and able to have a conversation about him, you know, it doesn't mean at all. I mean, because people think like, Oh, I'm gonna wear black and be miserable the rest of my life. That's not honoring anyone. That's just making the world not a positive, pleasant place. So I also started a garden, Um, at a school in Mill Valley, California called Ed Maguire School. My friend Lisa Zimmer is the principal of the time they had this garden, and it was kind of beaten up. And so I raised a ton of money with a bunch of other people in the community for this outdoor classroom, and it's called the Bow Friedman outdoor Classroom. And, um, these kids go out and they plant seeds and they grow vegetables and they pick fruit from the trees and there's chickens and nutrition is super important to me. Anyone that gets into my makeup chair has to, you know, here my chats on, you know, green juice and you know, eating well and because I do believe that if you start eating well at a young age, it's going thio. You know that's going to change your how you eat the rest of your life. No, I think you're a great spokesman for the difficulties that we have, but also living it in a full way not, as you said, wearing black and bringing down the rest of the world because there's lots of tragedy. There's lots of tragedy that people go through all the time. And I'm glad you said it's okay to cry once in a while because every once in a while I think my mom especially especially during really during Christmas like my mom's. So I don't want to shift gears in a crude or crass way or three idea of you and your work. How did you get into pretty girl makeup? How did that become a brand? So I was on holiday with my husband and Children in Hawaii and some friends. My girlfriends and way were sitting by the pool at this beautiful resort and my girlfriend, Claudia's German. She was a German model and she said, Honey, our kids were all swimming at the time and you know how that is when you have kids and they're like swimming on their own. And you could just kind of like looking a magazine and drinking iced tea while you're watching them. And she's like, We're being pretty girls right now. No one knows where Mommy's for two seconds, and I started laughing so hard, I thought, that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Um, yeah, I said. I said, What does that mean? Pretty girl, she goes, You know, you're just being pretty, You're not. And I just thought it was. It was kind of funny. I thought, That's a perfect name for makeup brand pretty girl, because it's not about, you know, Obviously it's about being pretty on the outside, but being pretty on the inside and making people happy and being a good person. And so I went in and trademarked. It called my lawyer, and I started working with a chemist to formulate the texture and the colors. And so by this point, you were not working with makeup at all. You just No, I was a makeup artist, but not like I didn't have an agent or anything. I just kind of was doing weddings. And, you know, if someone needed a photo shoot, I did that. I wasn't like what I do now. You know, I didn't have a portfolio or anything at that time. I mean, I had a portfolio, but not like what I have now. I didn't wasn't doing celebrities or anything like that. What is the process that you go from, say, maybe one of your first lip glosses, or some of the other products that you have to the final product where someone come by it off a shelf? How difficult does that process and what does that entail? It's so funny because I have this client, Tyler Florence, and he's a celebrity chef. And he asked me one day, Oh, how's how's your company going? And I said, Oh, my gosh, like I can't believe how long everything takes on how much money everything costs. And he said, You know, if anyone knew how much time, effort and money everything costs. No one would do anything right. So it's ignorance is bliss. You know the formulation with the chemist. You know, I wanted it to have natural oils, and I wanted to be good for your skin as well as long lasting. So it took almost a year. And I would never thought that in a million years because you had to formulate the texture and then start formulating the colors because I'm self...

...funded and I, you know, I only had a certain amount of money. Thio create my brand. And so I wanted all the colors to look good on everybody on my friends. I have friends that are all different shades, their light skin dark there, everything in the middle like and I wanted it to look good on everyone. So I you know, I tested it on all my friends and family. They were very nice on. Then I would give feedback back to the chemist of like, Oh, I want this a little more brown or a little more pink. And until it was until it was perfect. Is this the most difficult part of the of your process or having your own company is the process that your products go through. Would that be one of the most difficult things? Yeah, It's, you know, I've really learned that I've really learned to love every bit of all the processes of even the business portion that I really didn't feel. I was very strong about. I didn't know how to read a spreadsheet, and I didn't know how to make decisions. And about that, we're gonna affect a lot of things I had to like, really change the way I thought. You know, you don't get a handbook as a CEO. You know, you just kind of start having to you make expensive mistakes quite frequently. And so you make it one time a missed aches like that. So you learn from a lot of your mistakes and, you know, you start meeting other people that air, I'm really blessed. Um, on the on the aspect of being a makeup artist, I have, you know, had amazing people in my chair. I've had the CFO of Google Condolezza Rice, Dana Perino, Ted Cruz. I've had, you know, different athletes and musicians. Eso It's so I always learn a little something from everybody. You know, whether it be a makeup tip or a business tip or how to handle people. Um, working with different people, you know, meeting these different people. So it's so I love that part of my job. What? What is the greatest satisfaction that you get? Is it the celebrities, or is it whomever is sitting in front of you, or is it a part of your process that you go through? What satisfaction do you get out of the greatest amount of satisfaction you get out of your job? Well, it's always fun to meet different, interesting celebrities and people. That's always fun. But what I really love is anyone that gets in my chair that has never had a makeup experience. Um, I love transforming them into looking like they've never envisioned looking like the best, I typically say it's like making someone look like the best version of themselves. Um, so I really I love being able to do that. I love, like doing a before and after on a client and showing them, and I mean, I've had people start crying because they've never looked like that. They were so happy. So are, you know, someone's wedding? It's e. I enjoy every all the people I meet. They don't need to be famous. Um, at all I Everyone is interesting to me that I mean, what are some tips you give I know is something that is part of your mission to help people look stylish and be more confident. What are some tips that you kind of give to some people so that they can live that way a little bit more stylish and have a little bit more pizazz in their step? Well, I think when people are happy and feel loved, they always look better. Eso I always tell them, you know, smile, you know, think of you know, a few things that you're grateful for and that you're happy about in your life. And that helps when you're going out in front of a camera. And I think, you know, it's important. Like I'm a makeup artist. I'm not curing cancer. So and I know it's people are gonna hear this and think it's a very, you know, superficial job that I have. But I know that people feel more confident when they're feeling good about themselves. And if they can have a little concealer and mascara and lip gloss on or whatever and their hair done and they're going to go into that meeting feeling better and they're going toe, you know, to be the best version of themselves, whether it be the way they look, the way they feel or how they're doing their job. So that's what I try to dio. I I want everyone to feel good about themselves and and happy. How do you stay productive? Christina? I know by being the President CEO, you're working with celebrities. You're an entrepreneur, you have a blawg, you're on TV shows. You're also mom of four. How are you staying so productive? How I know you mentioned disciplined as well. But how is it what's getting your feet on the ground and getting going and keeping going? Well, I'm very disciplined because I just especially like during this cove it and shut in. I I have super disciplined with what I eat. What? I don't drink a lot of alcohol. I don't do drugs. Obviously, I wake up at the...

...same time every day and I go work out and I keep my house clean. I just I function at a higher level when things air in order and feel good. So do you have this story? Cristina, do you have this as a written just for listeners, even for myself? Do you have this as a written down schedule, or is this just something you know you must do? Or these are the things I must do today. I don't need to write them down there. Just things that need to be done or you more meticulous. And how you go about your day? Probably both. I mean, I mean, I do all that same stuff. Every day I wake up, have the vitamins, the juice, the breakfast, go work out like it's pretty much just ingrained in my life. My lifestyle. I know that if I get and going back to the grieving, I know that if I get too tired to hungry, don't work out. I'm much more sensitive and apt to cry and break down. So I try to keep, you know, make sure I drink a lot of water and and just keep things balanced. I think balance is the key to everything of happiness in life, much water. You're drinking a day. Oh, my God. Probably like couple of voters. Are those for those? I drink a lot. I drink a lot of tea. I drink green juice. Um, yeah, I think it's just I have started this new thing. I'm very obsessed with this college and diet, and it's not really a diet per se z drinking a lot of bone broth, um, and collagen peptides. I put into my tea every day, and I am feeling so energetic and like my skin looks great. I just feel like I haven't looked and felt this good in a long time, and good. You do look well. Thank you. You're so nice switching a little bit, Thio. You're welcome. That the idea of work. Do you have a tip for whether it's a health tip? You know, taking care of yourself, But for people getting into work, You had mentioned that you were feeding the animals next door of your neighbor. But you also changed your career a couple of times. So for people who are getting into work for the first time, maybe not certain of what their passions and their skills are, or someone else who is realizing their passions or skills and switching careers. Do you have any sort of advice for them? You know, I tell my Children this all the time. It's just it's super important. Figure out what you would do if you weren't getting paid and how, like, what makes you excited to wake up in the morning and dio like, I am excited when I you know when things are normal and I'd get up and I have a photo shoot or, you know, if I'm creating a new product or, you know I'm meeting with new clients, I think just enjoying everything that you dio. And if you don't like what you're doing, do something else you don't You don't have to be stuck in cement doing a job you hate. I mean anyone that's not happy with what they're doing. Okay, we'll start doing something on the side. If you like flowers, maybe start a flower business or like baking. I don't know what it is that get someone excited, but I think that's what people need to start figuring out, like what they what makes them happy and on on a level that they don't mind working a ridiculous amount of hours. I put a lot of, you know, time and effort seven days a week into my business. But I don't mind it because I enjoy every moment of it. And I think that's the most important thing. Is just figuring out what you love doing. You mentioned things that people love and doing it. What is something that you need as a tool in your work? Maybe Is a makeup artist is most efficient. The help you stay most efficient in your work, something you can't put without. Something that I can't go without. Um Hmm. Well, having the great makeup tools that I have my makeup kit being organized, is there a specific tool that you use that is most essential, that if you don't have it, your frantic and you can't even Well, I mean, I've got like, you know, my daughters make fun of me because I call my makeup brushes there like all of them that I wrote an article once about their than being like surgical tools. They're like, Okay, your makeup artist, you're not a doctor. Get over yourself. But my my makeup brushes air very important to me. Um and so you know, I have those. I just I think it's just important to to wake up every morning, excited about what you're doing. E think it's tools so that the idea of tools and I think every job, every type of work has a tool that people, a lot of people say their cell phone or if they're, you know, singer might be their voice. But I think by having your tools, your makeup, the brushes themselves, it makes it makes perfect sense. That's what I'm getting at the idea of work life choices. How are you able toe turn off work? You said yours air kind of your job. Maybe one day you're on one...

...day you're off. So how is it you're able to turn it off and maybe even turn off social media or stop doing interviews and those sorts of things Thio give you a more of a balance? Well, I think I think like doing the makeup. I go and do it and then I come home and I really try to make sure that, like when I I've had to learn because my Children have told me that it's really obnoxious that my phone is always on. So I'm really making an effort. When my kids were around that I turn off my phone and that I'm being a mom, and they're listening to them. Um, you know, do you find that difficult? Do you find that? No, I think it makes me I like I mentioned earlier, I think having balance is so important. And so you do need to have that time where you shut things off. And I'm really trying like I have a horse that I ride. Um, so I go ride my horse, and it really takes me away from being me. You know, if I'm on a photo shoot, I'm still being a CEO. And I still have to deal with my company in so many different ways. And so sometimes I'm doing the same job at the same time, and so that gets a little stressful. Sometimes I'm you know, if I'm on a shoot and I've got stuff going on with with pretty girl at the end of the day, I'm super wiped out because I feel, you know, I have to be really present on set for the photographers and the clients. But then I have to be checking the email, so sometimes it gets a little challenging. But Christina, in in the industry you're in or, you know, just in makeup, it's not necessarily the entertainment industry, but you do well in that industry. Is there a character trait that is most essential that you find that rises above the rest that is required to be in the profession that you're in? I think that I I you know, because I've had all these Children, it's easier. I can get along with pretty much anyone, and I could deal with very difficult people and make them happy and put them in a good mood. So that's probably the something that my agent would say that you know, if there's some difficult situation, they're always like, Oh, put Kristina and that she'll handle it because nothing really shakes me. You know, I don't that must feel good. It must feel good to know that someone is sending people to you because they may need some help or, you know, some levity to the situation. Yes, so and it's very, um, you know, when you're filming TV shows and you're on photo shoots. It's It's very stressful, you know, It's the amount of glamour of my life is like two seconds of the day. So you know, you're on your feet and you need to make sure everything is perfect. And, you know, the client is there and they want, you know, photographer. There's a lot of pressure on you and you have to make things right. I don't want them ever to be waiting for me or having todo unnecessary touch ups, um, post in production because of me. So, you know, I take it might take my job very seriously. Is there a goal that you have for pretty girl makeup? Maybe an overarching goal or some other aspect of your work? That's a great question. I actually, right now I'm in the midst of bringing investors in and expanding my line, and, you know, I want it to be a billion dollar business. I you know, I'm you know, I'm working on this hair care line and the skin care line and expanding my line. So I am very excited about 2021 that I think that you know, pretty girl is going to be expanded and you know, taken to a new level of success. What products do you have now? Just for listeners Just toe kind of get an idea I've gone through, You know, I've I've had my always had the lip gloss. I have lip plumper Andi, I've gone. I've done spa products. I've done candles. I I did a hand sanitizer over co vid Um, so that's what I have right now and bronzers and eyeliners. But right now, like I'm really focused on the lips. But I'm excited to dio skin care and hair care because I think it's, um it's fun creating new products that smell good and feel good and that are good for the environment and good for people's skin and hair. So I really I'm enjoying that process. I think I heard you on the interview talking about you help some of your clients with those masks and you mentioned about getting them from Japan. They're huge here in Korea. Those you take out the pack, I don't know. But you plast, um, over your face submit. I've done it a few times. My dear wife is always chasing me around the house and put this on put this on. Put this on. Oh, but I'm They're good. I know they're good just...

...for me. I'm just like I know it just feels as a man, like a little weird. But, you know, it's so funny. I bring those on set and I put I put them on Ted Cruz. I put them on Connolly's. I put him on a lot of people and everyone loves them. They're like, Oh, this feels really good. Yeah, yes, but if you're I don't know where you're getting them. But Korea has a large selection of them. So far, I have actually gone some from Korea, and they are fantastic. Yeah, so they're really great. They are good. And I'm glad to hear that your product line and that your goal. It's a great goal. You laugh. But what's wrong with being a billion dollar company? No, there's no I'm not laughing. I'm yeah, not in a negative way, but like No, no, it's not. I mean, funny. It's like, No, but that's the goal. I mean, it's a great goal, you know? You need to have a goal. And, you know, why can't it be me? It's gonna be somebody, so it might as well be me. Christina, is there anything people in attaining this goal that people don't understand about you? That if they understood a little bit mawr that have a greater appreciation of the work that you're trying to accomplish? I don't think people I don't I can't imagine people realizing how hard that I have to work. Um, you know, I you know, it's being a mother is super important to me, and my Children are older, but I still am a mom, Um, and having balance in my life and and in trying to I'm not trying to be perfect. But I do like that. My house that my kids coming into the house and there's food and things air. Like I I like that my kids have that feeling. And then I also love feeling that, you know, I've worked really hard, creating a company that, you know, there's been times like after my son died and my husband died, that I really didn't think, you know, that I I didn't care about my company, and I brought it back to life in it, and I and I don't give up on it I've always have, like something will happen and it seems like Oh my gosh, it's a sign that it's gonna, you know, get to a new level and I can create more products. I always had in my mind that I would love it if I could get paid to create new products and and, you know, name new products and and that's happening. So I think if you tell the universe what you want to have happen, it will happen. You just need to be very clear on what it is you want to have happen. The clear you are, the universe will help you. So that's one thing I've learned. Well, there's no there's no doubt that you are a hard worker and I think people, the more they listen to you and I know you, you right? What is this Soap opera digest? I, too, have been doing it for a very long time or they read about you and listen to you. They'll realize that. I mean, you're a mother of four, right? That's that's enough in it's actually a mother of five. I count my son about You know what? That's great and my dear wife and I had, um, one of our Children died at birth as well or just liars. And when people say, How many Children do you have? And I say three and although earlier I said, I have to But I do generally say that if someone asked specifically So sorry about that. But yeah, by five mother of five. I mean, even you think about it, whether a spiritual level or physical, it's something that's taking residence in your mind, right? The sun that's taking territory in your mind and your heart. And that weighs down. And it also gives you encouragement to keep on working. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah, I just always count him in. In the adversity that you had faced, Maybe there's some other things you could touch upon. But is there any advice that you have for people? And I only have a couple more questions for you. Three. The idea of any more adversity, but also advice for people who are facing adversity in their work. Maybe they this year they've lost their job. Maybe they lost someone. Maybe they're sick. They're down there out, and just some words of encouragement for them, so that they can keep on going because even though work is tough, we know work is still good. Yes. So after my husband passed away, I went to a grief Camp Canyon Ranch in Arizona with one of my best friends. And there was, ah, woman rabbi from Los Angeles there named Sheri Hirsch, and she had written a book called We Plan and God laughs and and it was so helpful to me because and it didn't need to be because, you know, obviously I've was dealing with the passing of my husband and my son, But I think in just in life in general, life's like a bunch of It's like a wave that you're surfing and there's going to be good days and bad days, And it's really the quality of life. And how you're going to be is how you choose to handle all these situations. Um, so if you can learn to know that everything is a blessing, even though it doesn't seem like it, um, and know that everything is going to get better and just having if you could...

...just know that everything's gonna be a blessing even if we lose the job well That would mean you're gonna find a different job or, you know, these things happen. But sometimes they happen not to us, but for us. And I did an interview with a woman. It was so interesting. And she said, You know, people, you talk all the time about grief, but you should actually to speak more about post traumatic growth. And I thought that was such an interesting thing because, you know, these difficult things that have happened to me have have pushed me to grow in ways that I never expected nor would have wanted to grow. I mean, that I didn't even realize we're gonna happen. I you know, it's it's forced me. Sometimes life forces you to be a better version of yourself, even though it doesn't feel like it. A exact moment. But you just have Thio. I think in life happiness is a choice, and we I just I'm allergic to being unhappy. I don't like it at all. So I try really hard to help others Or, you know, if if I'm in a sad or unhappy mood, I will light a candle or go take a bath or go for a walk or cry. I'll go outside and for walk and cry for a little while, um, or go eat some ice cream. I don't know. It just depends. There's just I think everyone needs to figure out what it is that makes them happy and brings them joy and just start doing it. And just know that whatever happens in life, the good, the bad, the ugly, everything's gonna nothing is cement. There's always gonna be changed. So you just have to know that things are gonna change. People are gonna die. People are gonna come and come in and out of your life and and be grateful for the time that you do have with these people. I am so grateful that I was married to can. He was amazing. And I'm so grateful that I had, you know, those 4.5 months with my son Beau. I mean, I wish it was 150 years, but it's a choice to be grateful for what you have instead of what you don't have. And it's just kind of a habit that you need that I have learned to get into of, of really being grateful for what I have. I have four amazing Children that are alive and one that's up in heaven. And I love, you know, seeing my Children's accomplishments and their smiling faces and what great people they are. And that really brings me joy. Yeah, sometimes life seems like it sucks. Oh, yeah, all the time. Yes, I will be the first to say that that life sucks so bad sometimes. And I you know, And I I always say to my kids, I'd rather you said the f word than hate, But sometimes things air hateful. But you know, it'll get better on it. And it's great what you're saying, too, and getting out and doing things and also helping other people. Because in that comes a new sense of joy where other people need to be lifted up a swell. And I think you're doing that, Christina, in your work and in helping people look better and feel better, and not only in makeup, but also in the work that you're providing and you're providing work for other people. I think it's ah, true inspiration, and you'd probably humbly say, Well, whatever it is, but you're trying, and I think I heard you saying before to someone else to try in trying is very important. Absolutely. I mean trying, you know, to me, trying isn't a failure, not trying and being scared or not attempting. That's a failed, you know. You know, not trying is you know, you have to. It makes life exciting and fun, and you never know something great's gonna happen from that or it won't and you make another change. I heard this meditation once about saying like, you know, if you so there's a lot of people to get stuck and sitting, worry and worry and worry. I mean, I really feel that worrying is praying for bad things to happen. You know, it's it's a waste of time because you're worried about stuff that might happen. That probably won't happen. So that's very well. I you know, I don't believe in worrying and, you know, you make a decision if it's not the right one, make a different one and make a change. My dear wife. She lost her younger sister this'll last year in a tragic accident, and her grandmother was well of 94 every once in a while and me too. And this is not. They will find time to cry. And I said, Honey, sometimes I think she feels guilty. I'm like, don't feel guilty. Why? Why does she feel guilty? It's new. It's very fresh, right? I mean, you know that freshness of it all. Yeah, you have to. You have to go through those things. And you know, it's wonderful that you feel and that you've had that kind of love in your life that you that you do feel those things. You know, there's also...

...the other side of it to that. I think that we could some people in their misery feel good in the misery because it's a feeling it's something and then they get stuck in that rut for a while. And then that's the habit habit, right? And I and these are all new feelings for me. But people that are listening if you find yourself in that, you know, take a take a moment, remember, But also get up and get going and try. Christina, how can people reach you? How are they best? I mean one pretty girl Makeup, pretty girl makeup dot com On go. We're on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to see my portfolio on Instagram, it's at Christina Flak Makeup and then three instagram for Pretty Girl is P R E T T Y e g I r l m k u p and on Twitter, Facebook and Pretty Girl Makeup Website and Christine aflac dot com. If you want to see my portfolio as well, it's a great name. Pretty girl makeup. Thank you so much. Rolls off the tongue. Christina, I have one final question for you and that is why do you work? Oh, why do I work? It makes me happy. You know? I like, you know, obviously making money. But I I get such satisfaction in I love being on photo shoots. I I did a TV show in March in L. A with Isaiah Washington, and it was such a fun process of doing a TV Siri's, which I've never done. I love what I dio I love it. It is just brings me great joy. Christina Flak, president and CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup entrepreneur, writer, blogger, TV personality Wow, I'm a lot of things on dure doing them well, I thank you for your time and I appreciate the work that you dio. Thank you so much. I appreciate you and I really thank you so much for everything. I'm really grateful. Thank you for listening to this episode of why we work with Brian V. Be sure to subscribe, follow and share with others so they too can be encouraged in their work. I hope that you have yourself a productive be a joyful day in your work.

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